Bona Cleaner 1L

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Bona Cleaner 1L | Heavy Duty Wood Floor Cleaner From Bona. Suitable For Deep Cleaning Very Dity Wooden Floors. Order Online

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Bona Cleaner 1L



  • Highly concentrated heavy duty wood floor cleaner and wood floor maintainer
  • Suitable for cleaning and maintaining oiled floors, lacquered & varnished floors
  • To be diluted 1 to 100 before use, slightly alkaline, for tough floor cleaning jobs
  • Removes impregnated dirt, grime and residue after major renovation work
  • Can be used with a mopping system or with a floor cleaning machine/system
  • Highly effective against dirt but very gentle on the floor finish, streak free cleaner
  • Leaves no residue behind and does not create dull patches even if used daily


Bona Cleaner 1L – Where to use



Some wood floor cleaners are designed for light cleaning and maintenance while others are designed for heavy duty cleaning. Bona Cleaner 1L is one of the most alkaline and most heavy duty wood floor cleaners from the Bona range. This product can be used to deep clean and maintain domestic and commercial wood floors after renovations, high traffic hardwood and semi solid wood floors, cork floors, etc. It can be used on waxed, oiled, varnished and polished wooden floors. It will not affect the floor sealer in any negative way. The product has to be diluted 1 to 100 before use. Due to its low foam formula, Bona Cleaner 1L is the ideal product for washing wooden floors with a floor cleaning machine



Bona Cleaner 1L – How to use



This highly effective wood floor cleaner can be used with a standard mopping system, a spray and wipe system or in conjunction with a floor scrubbing machine. Dilute the product to the recommended dilution rate and wash your floor with a semi wet cotton mop or a flat mopping system. When cleaning very dirty wood floors, allow a few seconds of contact between the cleaning agent and the dirt before scrubbing it. This product will never fail to impress and to achieve spectacular results.



Bona Cleaner 1L – Recommendations



Follow the instructions and safety guidelines for best results. Bona cleaner is an active product that can cause skin irritation. Be sure to use it while wearing gloves and store it safely away from children and direct sunlight. Respect the dilution ratio to avoid causing damage to the floor.



Bona Cleaner 1L




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