Bona Classic Floor Primer

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Bona Classic Floor Primer | Professional Wood Floor Primer From Bona. High Coverage Water Based Floor Primer & Wood Sealer

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Bona Classic Floor Primer



  • Quick drying, high traffic wood floor primer from Bona
  • Compatible with pretty much all unsealed wood surfaces
  • Contains a light peach colour to enhance very bright wood
  • Can be overcoated with any single or two pack lacquer
  • Covers approx 12 square meters of surface per 1 Litre
  • Elastic properties, non yellowing, high solids content, reasonably priced
  • Suitable for priming commercial and domestic wood floors
  • Reduces varnish absorption and increases durability



Bona Classic Floor Primer – Where to use



Easy to apply quick drying wood floor primer with a slight hint of colour. It creates a cosy finish on light wooden surfaces. Suitable for sealing and enhancing most wooden surfaces that are sealant free or were freshly sanded. When applied to a wooden floor, it increases the durability of the finish, it reduces sealant absorption and it enhances the look of the floor. Superb elasticity, high coverage area and unequalled long lasting results. To be overcoated with at least 2 extra coats of floor sealer.



Bona Classic Floor PrimerHow to use



Remember, a wood surface primer can only be applied to sealant free wood surfaces. The primer has to penetrate the surface fully and create a base for further coats. Using a small brush apply a coat of primer around all the narrow areas and around the skirting board. Use a varnishing roller to seal the wider surfaces. Always go along with the fibre of the wood, not against it. The surface has to look wet but not over soaked. Allow about 2-3 hours to fully dry and then you can start applying coats of sealer. Bona Classic Floor Primer can be overcoated with Bona Mega One, Bona Traffic, Bona Traffic Hd & Bona Traffic Natural. 5L of primer will cover around 40-50 sq meters of floor (depending on absorption & the type of wood)



Bona Classic Floor Primer – Recommendation



Take your time and apply an even coat of wood primer without missing patches. Do not dilute the primer and do not mix the primer with other products. Remember to seal the primer otherwise it will wear off pretty fast.



Bona Classic Floor Primer



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