Bona Amberseal Floor Primer

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Bona Amberseal Floor Primer | Rich Colour Wood Floor Primer From Bona. It Creates A Cool Peachy Finish On Light Wooden Floors

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Bona Amberseal Floor Primer



  • Rich colour wood floor primer suitable for sealing wood floors before varnishing
  • To be applied over new or newly sanded wooden surfaces in 1 or two coat system
  • Can be overcoated with a single pack or a two pack water based floor lacquer/sealer
  • Creates a rich “peachy” coloured finish on very bright or yellow wood floors/surface
  • Fume free, quick drying, it will cover around 12 sq meters of floor per 1L of primer
  • This product is highly popular with the floor sanding and floor refinishing industry
  • Suitable for use on floors with underfloor heating, GreenGuard approved, top abrasion performance



Bona Amberseal Floor Primer – Where to use



Bona Amberseal Floor Primer is the ideal wood floor primer for very bright wood surfaces where a warmer colour is required. One coat of primer will create a cool elegant peachy finish on all types of very light coloured wooden surfaces. It can be used to prime wood floors, wood frames, doors, statues, toys, etc. 1 L of Bona Amberseal Floor Primer will cover up to 12 sq meters of floor/surface. It can be overcoated with a single pack or a two pack water based floor lacquer or varnish.


Bona Amberseal Floor PrimerHow to use



Make sure that the surface that you plan to prime is sealant free, dry and residue free. Old floors or furniture will require sanding to expose the wood before priming it. Apply a thick coat of primer all over the surface and allow about 2 hours to dry. Use a small brush to prime the area around the skirting boards and a varnishing roller for the rest of the surface. The primer will be absorbed nicely by the surface and the colour of the wood will darken up. Seal it with 2 coats of water based floor lacquer or varnish and 2-3 hours later the floor is ready for use.



Bona Amberseal Floor Primer – Recommendation



Bona Amberseal Floor Primer is a ready to use wood primer and it does not require dilution. Do not mix with any other primer and do not walk on the floor while the floor is drying. Never apply over sealed wood floors or any other type of surface, designed for use on wood only. Do a small sample test before applying it over a larger area.



Bona Amberseal Floor Primer



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