3036 Osmo Polyx-Oil Original Clear Matt


Waterproof And Stain Proof All Your Unsealed Wooden Floors And Furniture With The New Osmo Polyx-Oil Original Clear Matt

Osmo Polyx-Oil Original Clear Matt


  • Innovative formula compatible with  all medium to heavy traffic wood floors

  • A high coverage hardwax oil with very high levels of solid content | Matt 100%

  • To be applied on all unsealed wood floors and furnitures that are dry & clean

  • Surfaces that are already sealed will require a good sanding before being sealed

  • The product can be used as a refresher on surfaces already sealed with the oil

  • A quality hardwax oil that allows the wood to ventilate naturally. Indoor use only

  • The estimated coverage area is around 20 to 30 sq meters per 1L but it can vary

  • Very easy to apply even by untrained people who don’t own expensive equipment

  • The product is 100% food certified and suitable for sealing worktops and kids toys

  • To be applied in a two coat system with about 12 hours drying times between coats

  • Safe to use on all semi solid and hardwood floors, staircases, wood furniture, etc

  • Premium water repellent and stain proof sealer with no sheen or artificial glazing


Osmo Polyx-Oil Original Clear Matt | Why Osmo


Most people wonder how other people can achieve such a natural finish on wooden floors or old furniture. Nothing seems to stain the surface but it does not look like there is a sealant on it. Well this is the magic of Osmo. The product is manufactured from a blend of organic oils with enhancers. The product penetrates the surface fully, it can`t peel, it can`t flake, it is unaffected by UV rays and it can be refreshed in areas. Overlapping is not really possible when you use a very matt finish. Recoating is possible after about 12 hours.  Osmo encourages people to use natural sealers and protectors.


Osmo Polyx-Oil Original Clear Matt | Where To Use It


On new or newly sanded wooden surfaces. It can be used to seal and stain proof all types of unsealed wooden floors, wood furniture, kids toys, worktops, frames, doors, window sills, wood statues, etc. Unsealed wood means raw wood, a wood surface that was never oiled, varnished or protected with any type of protector. The new Osmo Polyx-Oil Original Clear Matt has to be able to penetrate the wood in full to be able to dry. Otherwise it will just puddle up and make the surface sticky.


If the surface has an old sealer on it, sand it up. Start from 40 grit sandpaper up to 100 grit. Do not skip grits (40, 60, 80 & 100). Even unsealed wood floors or furniture should be lightly sanded to reduce porosity and create that smooth surface. Estimated coverage area is 20-30 sq meters per 1L but it can depend on a number of factors like the type of wood, the quality of the sanding job, the application method and if it is the 1st or the second coat. Always buy 10-20% more sealer than needed just in case.


Osmo Polyx-Oil Original Clear Matt | How To Apply It


Assuming that the surface is sealant free, dust free and dry, you can prepare for oiling it. Shake the tin of oil for 30 seconds to ensure an even consistency. Using a microfiber cloth apply a very thin coat of oil around the edges and all the narrow areas. Do not overuse the product. The wood will absorb whatever it needs and the excess has to be removed fast. Over soaked floors will not dry and will get very sticky. Larger areas can be sealed with flat mops, oil applicators or floor buffers. The surface has to look evenly “wet” without puddles. Depending on the ventilation, temperature and humidity levels, the 1st coat should fully dry within 12 hours (or sooner). The second coat will be even less absorbent so the coverage area will go up to about 40-50 sq meters per 1L. Apply a very thin coat just to fully seal the surface. 12 hours later the floor is ready for traffic.


  1. Remember to refresh your oiled floors once or twice per year

  2. Do not wash the floors for at least 48 hours after it was sealed

  3. Do not use harsh chemicals or a lot of water on your floors

  4. Use one of Osmo`s premium quality oiled floor cleaners

  5. Fit protective covers on all your chairs, sofas & other furniture

  6. Use microfiber towels to extract spills


Osmo Polyx-Oil Original Clear Matt | Recommendations


This is one of the most beautiful and natural looking hardwax oils. Protect it as recommended by Osmo and do not ignore the refreshing routine. A natural hardwax oil is likely to wear off more in areas with higher traffic. A quick re-oiling once or twice per year (overnight) will maintain your floor and keep the protection intact.


Osmo Polyx-Oil Original Clear Matt



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2.5L, 750 ML


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