3032 Osmo Polyx-Oil Clear Satin 


Seal All Your Wooden Floor And All Your Wooden Furniture With The New 3032 Osmo Polyx-Oil Clear Satin


3032 Osmo Polyx-Oil Clear Satin


  • Heavy duty hardwax oil suitable for all unsealed wooden floors & furniture

  • A deep penetrating and non glazing satin hardwax oil with very high solid levels

  • It will not peel, it will not flake and it will be not affected by water and food stains

  • The product can be used for regular refreshments without sanding the surface

  • Suitable for residential floors and stairs but also with high traffic wood floors

  • Microporous breathable finish that allows the wood floor to ventilate naturally

  • 100% food safe so suitable for sealing worktops, kids toys, wooden handles, etc

  • Estimated coverage area : 25 to 30 sq meters per 1L | Satin finish | Fume free

  • It enhances the natural look of the wood surface without an artificial glazing

  • It can be applied over newly sanded or new wooden surfaces in two coats

  • One of the most natural ways of protecting and soundproofing wooden floors

  • Drying times : up to 12 Hours | It requires regular maintenance and refreshing


3032 Osmo Polyx-Oil Clear Satin | Why Osmo


There are a number of floor oils available on the market. Some are better than others. But there are very few hardwax oils out there that provide the same level of protection and the same natural looking finish as the new Osmo Polyx-Oil Clear Satin . The oil is a non glazing hardwax oil that is 100% food certified and suitable for heavy duty commercial use. The product is manufactured in Germany from a blend of organic oils + hardeners. The new Osmo Polyx-Oil Clear Satin is easy to apply and also very easy to clean. It allows the wood to breathe | ventilate naturally and unlike varnishes, it will not peel or flake. Superior coverage area and high solids levels make the new Osmo Polyx-Oil Clear Satin a very desirable product.


3032 Osmo Polyx-Oil Clear Satin | Where To Use


Certain pregistious types of wood should be kept natural looking. For these types of projects you need to use the new Osmo Polyx-Oil Clear Satin. This product does not alter the original look of the wood and provides unequalled water & stain proof protection. It is highly recommended to apply the product to newly sanded or new wooden surfaces unless the surface was sealed with the new Osmo Polyx-Oil Clear Satin previously and is now due a refreshment. It can be used to oil and refresh wooden floors, wooden furniture, kids toys and beds, worktops and frames, doors, etc. It can be used anywhere there is a piece of wood that requires protection. Suitable for indoor use only.


3032 Osmo Polyx-Oil Clear Satin | How To Use


Assessing the project before use is essential. All old sealers have to be removed and the surface has to be sanded up to 100 grit. The surface has to be dry, residue free and sanded to perfection. Any imperfection on the surface will be made more visible after it gets oiled. The estimated coverage area of 25 to 30 sq meters per 1L is “estimated only” and it depends on a number of factors like the sanding quality, the type of wood, if the product is used as a refresher or as the main sealer, the application system and the skill of the applicator. Professional applicators using low speed floor buffers can cover up to 50 sq meters per 1L.


  1. Shake the tin of oil well to create an omogen composition

  2. Put a pair of gloves on and prepare enough oil to cover the whole surface

  3. You can use a cloth, a flat mopping system, a roller or a floor buffer

  4. Only apply tiny amounts of oil starting from the edges

  5. When done with the edges, move to the larger areas

  6. Allow the surface to absorb whatever it needs and remove the excess fast

  7. The surface has to look wet but not soaked

  8. About 12 hours later, apply the second coat of hardwax oil

  9. Allow 10-12 hours to fully dry and then you can open the area to the traffic

  10. Do not wash the floor or the surface for at least 48 hours after the application

  11. Remember : your floors require regular refreshing (once or twice per year)

  12. Wash your oiled floors with oiled floor cleaners recommended by Osmo


3032 Osmo Polyx-Oil Clear Satin | Recommendations


Ignoring the recommended refreshing periods will result in permanent water damage to the surface. Areas with higher traffic will wear off faster. You can do spot refreshing with maintenance oils. Do not scrub particular areas with abrasive scourers. Do not ignore stains. Extract all stains as fast as you can with a paper towel or a microfiber towel. Install protective shoe covers on all furniture legs. Do not use acidic or high PH floor cleaners on oiled floors.


***Our shop is open for all our customers. Before oiling a wooden surface please drop by and we will show you samples done and we will also show you how to apply the product. Knowing how to use it can save you a lot of time and hassle***


3032 Osmo Polyx-Oil Clear Satin



Weight N/A

2.5L, 750 ML


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