How Your Wood Floor Benefits From LIOS BIOIL Natural

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How Your Wood Floor Benefits From LIOS BIOIL Natural

Wooden floors are a favourite for plush living rooms, where soft lighting bathes the floors, highlighting the intricate wood grain beneath. You’ll find them in luxe commercial lounges where clients patiently wait, with the floors complementing the sophistication of the interior. These installations are hard to beat. Both residential areas and workspaces require quality care of their wooden floors to maintain this charm. There are lots of floor treatments out there, and one that is gaining a strong foothold is LIOS BIOIL Natural. This blog will dive deep into its attributes, guiding you to make an informed choice for your prized wooden floors.

LIOS BIOIL Natural Review 

Over recent years, there’s been a palpable shift towards natural products, especially in wood care. It’s not just a trend; it’s a reflection of our collective desire for authentic, eco-friendly, and health-conscious solutions for our homes and businesses. Natural products not only champion environmental concerns but often outperform their synthetic counterparts in many ways, delivering robustness, a genuine aesthetic appeal, and fostering a healthier living environment.

LIOS BIOIL Natural is not just another name in the market. This brings together a harmonious blend of durability with the sublime beauty of wooden floors. It’s been developed to enhance the wood’s natural grain, offering a finish that’s as pleasing to the eyes as it is to the touch. LIOS BIOIL Natural doesn’t stop at protection; it delivers a smooth, rich elegance that truly accentuates the inherent charm of wooden floors. When you choose this product, you’re opting for quality, consistency, and the trustworthiness of a brand committed to wood care excellence.

Let’s break down how the LIOS BIOIL Natural delivers on its promise of enduring beauty, resilience, and care:

What Makes LIOS BIOIL Natural Stand Out

When making decisions about home or commercial space improvement, it’s paramount to look at the features of products you’re about to use, especially for something as prominent and frequently used as wooden floors. 

  • Durability and Protection for Wooden Floors:

No one wants to invest time, energy, and money into treating their floors only to find they wear out quickly. Take, for instance, a bustling family home with children running around, pets scurrying about, and the regular foot traffic of visitors. Or consider a busy commercial space, like a stylish boutique where shoppers stroll, or an elegant café with chairs constantly being moved. In these scenarios, the floor faces a lot of wear and tear. This is where LIOS BIOIL Natural comes into play. Its incredible durability ensures that the wood is safeguarded against scratches, stains, and everyday wear. Thus, preserving the pristine look and extending the life of the floor for years.

  • Enhances the Natural Look of the Wood Grain:

Aesthetics matter too. Say you’re walking into a residential drawing room for a family gathering; the richness of the wood grain adds a touch of sophistication and warmth to the setting. Or picture a modern office space where clients are often met; the allure of natural wood can create a lasting impression. LIOS BIOIL Natural doesn’t mask or overshadow the wood’s beauty. Instead, it amplifies it. The treatment gives a smooth finish, highlighting and enhancing the wood’s natural patterns and characteristics. So, while the floor is protected, it also exudes a natural charm that’s simply irresistible.

Whether you’re considering it for a home setting or a commercial space, the features of LIOS BIOIL Natural align seamlessly with what wooden floor enthusiasts seek: longevity and beauty intertwined. 

Product Characteristics at a Glance

Getting the best out of a product involves understanding its core characteristics. With LIOS BIOIL Natural, the nuances of its features can significantly uplift the quality of your wooden floor maintenance. 

  • Application Methods: Multiple methods of application like the buffing machine, floor polisher, sponge, and cloths offer versatility. Whether you’re working on a large residential hall or a compact office space, there’s a method suited for all. For example, using a buffing machine in expansive commercial settings ensures even application and a flawless finish.
  • Thinning with LIOS SOLV: On occasion, when the need arises to adjust the product’s consistency, LIOS SOLV comes into play. This ensures smooth application, especially beneficial for those intricate designs in a posh residential living space.
  • Drying Times and Considerations: With a surface dry time of 12-24 hours and a total drying time of 15 days, you’re promised a floor that’s ready to use in moments. It’s ideal for commercial settings where business can’t be halted for long – your chic boutique or art gallery will be up and running promptly.
  • Coverage Details: The 40-60 m²/L coverage ensures that a little goes a long way. This means cost-effectiveness, especially in larger spaces like hotel lobbies or spacious family homes.

How to Properly Apply LIOS BIOIL Natural

Importance of Preparation: Why Filling and Sanding is Crucial

It’s often said that a job well begun is half done. This couldn’t be truer when it comes to prepping your wooden floors for treatment. Ensuring your floor is in the best possible condition before applying any product is important.

  • Filling the Gaps

Over time, wooden floors can develop gaps due to factors such as humidity, temperature fluctuations, and general wear and tear. These gaps aren’t just unsightly; they can also allow moisture and dirt to accumulate, potentially damaging the wood. Filling ensures your floor has a uniform, seamless appearance and provides a smooth canvas for the oil treatment. 

  • Sanding

Sanding is all about achieving that smooth, flawless finish. It removes the upper layer of old treatments, stains, and imperfections. More importantly, it opens up the wood’s pores, allowing for better absorption of the oil. This step is crucial to ensure that LIOS BIOIL Natural penetrates deeply, offering enhanced protection and a long-lasting effect. 

  • Cleaning

You want a debris-free floor, otherwise the particles will get trapped under the coats of treatment that will be applied. Vacuum or sweep the area thoroughly. Any particles left behind can hamper the oil’s application and can even scratch your floor. Especially if you’ve had construction work or heavy foot traffic, ensure there’s no dust lingering.

The Application Process 

Follow these steps:

  1. Before anything else, give your LIOS BIOIL Natural a good shake. This ensures all the ingredients are well-mixed, offering consistent quality. Remember, natural products can separate slightly over time.
  2. Using the tools you prefer – be it a buffing machine, rubber trowel, or even a simple cloth – apply the LIOS BIOIL Natural  evenly across the surface. Work section by section to ensure thorough coverage. As you apply, make sure you’re also working the oil into the wood. This helps the wood absorb the product more effectively, ensuring deep protection. Think of it as massaging a good moisturiser into your skin.
  3. About 15-20 minutes after application, it’s buffing time. Use a buffing machine with a white pad, ensuring you’re achieving an even, smooth finish. Buffing helps to remove excess oil and leaves the floor with a uniform sheen.

Extra Tips

  • For smaller areas, or places where a machine might not reach, using a cloth or rag is effective. Remember to apply the product and buff in the same way, ensuring you don’t leave any excess product behind.
  • Got a floor made of a particularly porous wood? It might soak up more oil than others. In such cases, after your first application and buffing, wait for 12-24 hours and repeat the entire process. This ensures the wood gets the hydration and protection it needs.
  • For enhanced protection and sheen, after 24 hours, consider applying additional treatments like LIOS BALM Fissativo or LIOS HARD WAX BIOIL. Depending on your wood type and the finish you desire, choose a product that aligns with your floor’s needs.

And there you have it! With these steps, you’re well on your way to having a wooden floor that’s not only stunning to look at but is also well-protected and durable. It’s a bit like skincare for your floors – with a bit of effort and the right products, you end up with results you’ll be proud of.  

Traffic Considerations and Resistance Timeline

So, you’ve done the hard work: you’ve prepped, applied, and buffed. But before you slide those furniture pieces back into place or let everyone back in the area, keep this timeline in mind:

  • Initial 24 Hours:
    For the first 24 hours, it’s vital to keep foot traffic to a minimum. This allows the product to settle and start its drying process undisturbed. Think of it like allowing a freshly baked cake to cool – while it could be tempting to grab a bite, it’s worth the wait.
  • Post 24 Hours:
    Once you’ve crossed the 24-hour threshold, you can resume regular foot traffic. But do note, while the surface might feel dry, the product is still curing underneath.
  • Reaching Maximum Resistance:
    After 15 days, your floor will have reached its maximum resistance level. What does this mean for you? It’s the point where the treatment has fully settled, offering you the peak durability and protection promised by LIOS BIOIL Natural. So, after this period, you’re free to let loose on your floors without a worry.

So while the application might seem like a day’s job, giving it the full 15 days ensures you reap the full benefits of your effort and the product’s prowess. Bu how to keep your floors looking as fabulous as day one? Let’s look at that next. 

Maintenance Post-Application

The journey of a well-treated floor doesn’t end at the application stage. Proper maintenance will ensure that it preserves its beauty and performance for longer. Here’s how to go about this: 

  • Ensuring longevity with the right care:
    A wood floor treated with LIOS BIOIL Natural isn’t high maintenance, but it does love a little TLC. Regular sweeping or vacuuming keeps debris at bay. For a deeper clean, always opt for a gentle cleanser specifically designed for oiled floors. Too much water or harsh chemicals are a no-no. Water remains a threat to your wood floors, and harsh chemicals  used repeatedly will corrode the finish. 

The formulations pairs best with its formulations in the LIOS range. They’re specifically formulated to complement each other, ensuring the wood remains nourished, and protected. That way you can acc consistency in care and optimal results.

  • Tips for routine maintenance:
    • Regular Cleaning: Gently does it. Skip the wet mop for a slightly damp cloth or a specialist wood floor cleaner.
    • Prompt Spill Cleanup: Accidents happen. Quickly attending to spills avoids potential stains or damage.
    • Protection: Use felt protectors under furniture legs. It’ll prevent unwanted scratches or dings.
    • Refresh Treatment: Every so often, consider a maintenance coat. This will renew the floor’s lustre and top up its protection.

Storage Stability

The product retains its efficiency when stored under recommended conditions for up to 1 year. This is a boon for commercial establishments who might buy in bulk. They can be rest assured their stock remains potent over time.

Why Choose LIOS BIOIL Natural Over Other Products?

When it comes to the care of wooden floors, the options on the market can sometimes feel overwhelming. LIOS BIOIL Natural emerges as a clear choice for several compelling reasons:

  • Natural treatment

Using natural treatments is a step towards sustainable living. By choosing LIOS BIOIL Natural, you’re not only caring for your floors but also doing a favour to our planet. With natural components, there’s less worry about harmful chemicals. It’s a peace of mind you can’t put a price on, especially for homes with little ones or pets scuttling about. This kind of treatment also maintains the original character and warmth of wood, allowing its true beauty to shine through.

  • Meets unique needs of wooden floors

The oil deeply penetrates the wood, providing nourishment that rejuvenates its appearance. It’s not just about looks. This treatment acts as a shield against wear and tear, ensuring your floors stand the test of time. Different woods have varying needs. With its versatile application methods and adaptability to diverse wood porosities, it’s truly a one-size-fits-all solution.

  • Combines aesthetics with functionality:

You don’t have to choose between beauty and practicality. LIOS BIOIL Natural enhances the natural grain of the wood, offering a sophisticated finish.

Moreover, post-application, the floor doesn’t demand excessive attention. A simple routine ensures it remains in prime condition, allowing you to enjoy the aesthetics without persistent upkeep woes.

This isn’t a quick fix too. It’s a long-term investment. The product’s resilience ensures your wooden floors remain stunning for years to come.

The Strength of Chimiver: A Legacy of Quality and Sustainability

Since its inception in 1965, Chimiver has carved out a niche for itself in the flooring industry, reinventing and evolving to maintain market dominance with popular products like the LIOS BIOIL Natural. 

Since the brand’s journey began over half a century ago, it has demonstrated resilience in its ability to adapt and transform. By constantly experimenting and swiftly responding to market changes, they’ve positioned themselves as leaders in providing products for a variety of floor types, from wooden to synthetic grass turf.

Chimiver is particularly keen on the quality of their formuations as you can see with the LIOS BIOIL Natural. Their state-of-the-art laboratory ensures that every product meets the highest standards. Continuous raw material tests and rigorous final checks are a testament to their commitment to excellence. Plus, their close relationships with customers, partners, and a well-trained staff solidify their market position.

The world is rapidly changing, and Chimiver recognizes the impact of their products on the global ecosystem. For them, sustainability is a responsibility. They’ve woven environmental considerations into the very fabric of their operations.

Chimiver isn’t just talking the talk. Their first Sustainability Report sheds light on their eco-friendly practices and responsible endeavors. They volunatiry published it, showing their dedication to not only their growth but also to the planet’s wellbeing. This commitment will steer them towards aligning with the UN Agenda 2030 goals, allowing them to measure and showcase their progress. The company’s ambitious goal of decarbonization aligns with the European Union’s vision of a greener future. They’re scrutinizing every facet of their operation, from raw materials to logistics, to reduce their carbon footprint. 

You can see the brand’s commitment shines through their product and packaging initiatives. The Environmental Product Declaration (EPD) project aims at revising product formulations to minimize environmental impact without compromising performance. On the packaging front, they’re transitioning to recycled materials and have already earned accolades for their eco-friendly designs.

Chimiver’s vision is clear: a successful, sustainable future. They believe in investing in long-lasting technologies that not only benefit the company but also the world at large. This forward-thinking approach ensures that both current and future generations will reap the benefits of their endeavors. As such, the brand stands out as a beacon of quality and sustainability in the flooring industry. Their rich history, dedication to quality, and unwavering commitment to a greener future solidify their reputation as a brand of choice for professionals and individuals alike. This is the kind of backing you get when you pick the LIOS BIOIL Natural for your floor care.

Safety Measures During Application of the LIOS BIOIL Natural

Cloths, rollers, pads and even sanding dust used during application have the potential to self-ignite if left unchecked. It’s due to the natural drying process they undergo. It’s a bit like how hay can spontaneously catch fire under the right (or should we say wrong) conditions.

  • Soak Immediately: After you’re done with them, immerse the tools items in water.
  • Cleaning: Tools can easily cleaned with DILUENTE DNE after the task, after which you allow them to dry and store for the next round. Tailored specifically for tools, rollers, brushes, and the like used with polyurethanic solvent-based lacquers, it promises a clean finish without the pesky white precipitate. It’s a clear liquid, weighing a substantial 0.89 kg/lt. And if you’re wondering about longevity, when kept between +10°C and +25°C in its sealed packaging, it’ll serve you well for up to a year. You can get it in packs from 5 to 25 litres.

Plus, if you’ve got tools smeared with LIOS products like the BIOIL Natural under review, it’s got your back there too. All things considered, DILUENTE DNE delivers top-notch performance and hassle-free cleaning, ensuring your tools always stay in tip-top shape.

To put it plainly, LIOS BIOIL Natural is an incredible product that gives your wooden floors a stunning finish. But like all good things, it comes with a set of instructions. Stick to them, respect the product, and your floors will not only look beautiful but the application process will be smooth and hazard-free. 

FAQs about LIOS BIOIL Natural

When making a decision on which wood care product to select, a myriad of questions might pop up. We’ve curated a list of frequently asked questions about LIOS BIOIL Natural to help clear the air.

Q. Can I apply this product in colder temperatures?

While LIOS BIOIL Natural has a versatile application range, for best results, you should use it at temperatures between +10°C and +25°C. Colder environments might affect its consistency and drying time.

Q. How often do I need to reapply? 

The beauty of LIOS BIOIL Natural is its durability. However, reapplication frequency can vary based on traffic and wear. Regular maintenance with the LIOS range can extend the time between reapplications, but it’s always good to inspect your floors regularly and re-oil when signs of wear appear.

Q. Can I use non-LIOS products for maintenance?

While LIOS BIOIL Natural is compatible with many products, for optimal results and to retain the natural beauty of your wooden floors, we recommend sticking to the LIOS range for maintenance. They’re specifically formulated to complement and enhance the LIOS BIOIL Natural treatment.

Q. How soon can I walk on my floor after application?

While the surface dries in about 12-24 hours, for best results, we recommend allowing at least 24 hours before walking on it. Remember, the product achieves maximum resistance after 15 days.

After about 24 hours, you can apply other products from the LIOS range, such as LIOS BALM Fissativo, OIL WOOD TRAFFIK, LIOS NATURAL Wax, and more, to enhance and protect the finish. Always refer to the technical data sheets for guidance. Here’s a summary of them:

  • LIOS BALM Fissativo is protective oil specially crafted for oiled wooden floors and similar surfaces. It offers enhanced durability and water-repellent features. It’s easy to apply using a cloth, and you’ll find it sets surface dry in 12-24 hours at around 20°C. Depending on your wood’s porousity, you’ll get about 30 m² of coverage per litre. And cleaning to clean up after, just grab some DILUENTE DNE and you’re sorted.

Now, a few tips on using this wonder product. Give it a good shake before using. Spread it evenly with a cloth. If your floor’s more porous, consider a second coat to boost resistance. No need to sand in between; just wait 6-8 hours till the first coat’s walkable. If you’re a DIY enthusiast, remember to give your floors this treat once a year. A quick safety note: after using cloths or sponges, dunk them in water to avoid self-ignition. And, as always, keep it out of kids’ reach, work in well-ventilated areas, and suit up with safety gear to keep those eyes, lungs, and hands protected. 

  • OIL WOOD TRAFFIK is your go-to finish for wooden floors when you’re after a high resistance to wear and a finish that boasts the warmth of natural oil-based finishes. It’s like a premium two-component solvent-based polyurethane lacquer but without the fuss. It’s incredibly user-friendly, spreading easily without leaving behind annoying marks like orange peel, overlaps or bubbles. Not only does it dry quickly, but its matte finish also distributes evenly, ensuring your floor looks pristine. Plus, it complies with standards for slip resistance and toy safety, giving you peace of mind.

Ready to give it a go? Simply shake well before using. Make sure your wooden floor is sanded, filled, and vacuumed, then apply the first coat of this ready-to-use lacquer. After a day, give it a light sand with 220 grit sandpaper before adding the second coat. With its easy application, you’re able to get professional-quality results. Do note, it can turn yellow in the dark, so best avoid it on light colours like LIOS BIOIL Bianco. Between coats, make sure to sand within 48 hours for the best adhesion. And, just a heads-up, some wood types might slow down the drying, like IPE’ Lapacho. Be mindful of the environment too, as high humidity and poor ventilation can affect drying time. For maintenance, turn to VELUREX or LIOS products. And remember, always soak used application materials promptly to prevent any self-ignition risks.

Before using the OIL WOOD TRAFFIK  to complement the LIOS BIOIL Natural, it’s recommended that you first carry out a test on a secluded area to see the final result of how the two will interact wit each other for your particular type of floor, before proceeding to apply it onto the rest of the area.

  • LIOS NATURAL WAX on the other hand caters toa broader range of surfaces, from wooden floors and furniture, to cotto tiles. Developed from a blend of natural waxes, it is compatible with the LIOS BIOIL Natural. When applied, it doesn’t just add an impressive gloss to your floors and furniture but also enhances their superficial hardness. Worried bout those irksome white patches on your waxed floors due to water absorption? With this blend, that’s a worry of the past.

It’s easy to use, but make sure you give it a good shake first. If you’re treating wooden floors, ensure they’re sanded using a 100/120 paper grit and prepped with a High Pro felt disc for even product absorption. You can then get to work, applying LIOS NATURAL WAX using either a cloth or a buffing machine. The key? Work the wax well, letting it sink deep into the wood grain, but don’t leave any excess. After a short 15-20 minutes, buff out the surfaces, ideally with a white pad and cloth. This ensures any excess oil is gone, leaving you with a uniform and smooth effect. If you’re after top-notch results, two to three coats will do the trick. For maintenance, keep LIOS SOLV and VELUREX CLEANER STAR on hand. 

Q. What’s the best method for application?

You’ve got a few options! From a buffing machine to a simple rag, choose what’s comfortable and suitable for your space. For larger areas, a buffing machine with a white pad is ideal.

Q. What happens if I apply too much product?

No worries! About 15-20 minutes post-application, simply buff the surface using a machine or cloth to remove the excess oil. This ensures an even, smooth finish.

Q. Can I thin the LIOS BIOIL Natural?

If thinning is necessary, you can use LIOS SOLV. Always ensure to follow the recommended ratios for the best outcome. It’s been specifically crafted for the LIOS range and other synthetic-based products. It’s a clear liquid, weighing in at 0.76 kg/l. Plus, when stored between +10°C and +25°C in its original sealed container, it’s got a shelf life of a year. You can pick it up in sizes ranging from 1L to 25L.

It’s great for diluting oil and wax-based products like LIOS Natural Wax, LIOS Hard Wax Bioil 90, and even OIL WOOD TRAFFIK, just to name a few. Need to clean your tools? It’s got you covered there too. But remember, it’s not compatible with water-based products. All in all, LIOS SOLV ensures consistent performance and ease, making your work with the LIOS BIOIL Natural and similar products a whole lot smoother.

Q. How do I store any leftover product?

Store it in its original sealed container at temperatures between +10°C and +25°C. When stored correctly, its stability is up to a year, ensuring no wastage for your next application.

For homeowners and businesses alike, proper wood care is more than just maintenance—it’s an investment in lasting beauty. Your floors are an integral part of your environment, setting the tone and mood of your spaces. By choosing LIOS BIOIL Natural and adhering to best practices in application and maintenance, you’re ensuring that your wooden floors remain a centrepiece for years to come.

How Your Wood Floor Benefits From LIOS BIOIL Natural

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