Get More Protection For Your Floor With The Bona Traffic HD

Get More Protection For Your Floor With The Bona Traffic HD

Get More Protection For Your Floor With The Bona Traffic HD

There are different kinds of floor finishes, each with their merits and demerits. Take oil-based polyurethanes for instance. Their durability makes them suitable for high traffic areas, and they are also easy to maintain. However, these finishes have a slight yellow tint that gets more intense over time, which affects the look of the floor. Moreover, they typically have stronger odours and higher levels of VOCs, increasing the risk to the persons carrying out the application and the occupants of the building. There is also a longer drying time involved, with it taking 8-10 hours between the coats, at least 48 hours before light traffic can be allowed onto the premises, and 4 days before furniture can be placed back into the room. Moisture-cured urethane that was initially used in bowling alleys is actually a tough finish, and when it dries it develops a high shine. These finishes draw moisture right out from the air for the curing process, thus the name. This also means that if there is low humidity during application, the curing process will be hampered; and if there is too much humidity, then the coats can dry quickly before they have spread evenly on the surface. The drawback here comes with the difficulty in application which puts it out of the reach of most DIYers, as well as the high VOC content where the compounds can remain lingering in the indoor space for weeks, becoming a health hazard for the persons in the building. 

What about wax? Sure, it is easy to apply and has been in use for hundreds of years. However, the resultant finish is not very durable. In fact, lots of effort and resources will go into the frequent touching up and refinishing. In addition, water spills on it can lead to white marks being formed – which is also why it’s ill-suited for kitchens or bathrooms. There are establishments with shellac finishes which is a product that dries quickly, is easy to repair, and doesn’t have a high VOC emissions rate. The quick drying of shellac can work to your disadvantage, since it is common to find lap lines being formed. In addition, shellac finishes have a tendency of spotting due to water, and have less durability which causes them to wear down fast when there are high foot traffic levels. It’s also a very flammable finish coat. 

Penetrating oil sealers are also an option in the market – though not quite as popular today as before the 1960s. Their main lure is how the oil treatment brings out the wood’s characteristic charm, including its grain patterns and beauty, adding depth to the floor. However, since there isn’t a hard barrier on the floor surface, they get worn down by foot traffic, forcing one to carry out frequent refinishing. They also dry slowly, where you often have to wait 24 hours in between coats being applied.

The Bona Traffic HD is a water based lacquer – a type of finish that has become widely popular since its introduction into the floor care industry. For starters, it creates a smooth finish and is easy to apply. The resultant finish is clear and it also dries quickly. You can choose to get Silk Matt, Matt or ExtraMatt variations of the lacquer. In addition, the water based lacquers have low VOC emissions compared to other finish options, and still provide the desired level of protection in high traffic establishments. From scoring high in environmental friendliness to the convenience, where it only takes 2-3 hours between coat applications, and you can even begin walking on the floor the same day it has been treated, it’s easy to see why there is a high demand for this kind of finishes. Let’s go more into what the Bona Traffic HD brings on board – pun intended. 

Benefits Of The Bona Traffic HD

  1. Outperforms urethane finishes

Bona Traffic is already a renowned lacquer for protecting wood floors, with the enhanced durability and abrasion resistance that it brings to the installation. Bona Traffic HD kicks things up a notch, enabling the treated surface to withstand even far much more levels of abuse, making it one of the most protective treatments that can be applied onto the installation. The scratch and chemical resistance that results since the coats fully cure preserve the structural integrity of the underlying installation, keeping the floor safe from the daily barrage of attacks it receives.

  1. Fast treatment

Firstly, the Bona Traffic HD comes with a build that allows smooth flow and levelling, making the application easier for the personnel treating the floor, and also enabling them to achieve a uniform coat. Secondly, this is a fast-drying product. For instance, in as little as 2 hours, the coasts applied will have dried sufficiently enough for an extra coat to be added onto them. Normal traffic can be allowed back onto the finished floor in 24 hours after it has been worked on, making it a popular product for renovating floors where there is an emphasis on reducing downtime, including busy airports and restaurants. The treatment will have fully cured within 3 days, in which the floor will have obtained optimal protection going forward. 

  1. Brings out the beauty of the wood floor

The Bona Traffic HD accentuates the appeal of the natural wood floor, or the wood stain that has been applied. Speaking of which, when a Bona wood stain is used on the floor you won’t need to add a sealer. The lacquer comes in three variations, for you to end up with the desired sheen level:

  • Silk Matt: 40-45% sheen, 
  • Matt: 20-25% sheen, 
  • Extra Matt: around 10% sheen

With this waterborne formulation, there will be no yellow hue forming over time. This is usually a concern when treating floors with oil-based polyurethanes where the interaction with sunlight causes them to yellow. With the Bona Traffic HD, it won’t be cause for concern, enabling the end result that has been obtained to last for longer.

Get More Protection For Your Floor With The Bona Traffic HD

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