Floor Care With The Carver Omeg-Art Floor Lacquer

Floor Care With The Carver Omeg-Art Floor Lacquer

Floor Care With The Carver Omeg-Art Floor Lacquer

Given the kinds of abuse the floor is bound to receive over the course of its life, it’s imperative to take steps to protect it. Foot traffic – from friction between the soles of the shoes and the floor surface and the gritty dirt particles that are abraded against it, to those types that add to the strain on the floor, such as high heeled stilettos; spills that come with the double risk of stains and water damage; the natural sunlight bathing the rooms which can cause the wood to fade or darken depending on the species; all through to scratches that can be attributed to issues like furniture movements, debris grinded against the floor, kids with their toy cars and trains, and even pets with their sharp claws – how protected is your floor against all this? Take water damage for instance. With the wood tissue readily soaking up liquids that wind up on it, you can end up with a case of cupping, warping or even buckling depending on the extent of damage. Some spills involve chemicals which can end up corroding the wood and weakening its structure. Formulations like the Carver Omeg-Art Floor Lacquer come in to provide a barrier of protection. 

The two-component Carver Omeg-Art Floor Lacquer is developed to provide high resistance to everyday abrasion, adding to the durability of the floor. From being strong wearing and withstanding the shocks that the floor receives, to providing resistance to the chemicals that are commonly used in domestic environments, it enables the underlying floor to retain its beauty and structural integrity for long. Speaking of beauty, you can get the Carver Omeg-Art Floor Lacquer in different versions, including Semi-Gloss, Satin, Matt and Natural-Effect, each with their final look. For instance, the Omeg-Art Natural Effect has been developed to enhance that natural look that is on lighter coloured wood, while still delivering the desired protection. The Carver Omeg-Art Floor Lacquer is also handy in increasing the traction. It meets UNI EN 13036-4:2004 standards on slip resistance, a feature that has enabled the formulation to be used when working on gymnasium floors. Bringing this to your household means that vulnerable members of the family, like the elderly or toddlers who are learning to walk, will have more grip on the floor as they take those steps. 

In order to get optimal results when treating your floor with the Carver Omeg-Art Floor Lacquer, it’s important to follow the manufacturer instructions with the application, including when working with the different primer coats. Here is an overview of aspects that go into the application:

Floor Preparation

Are there any existing finishes on the wood floor? These will need to be got rid of for the formulation to work as intended. The oil and wax residues on the surface, old varnish from the previous treatments – these are sanded off the floor, exposing the bare wood underneath. The sanding sequence that will be followed – from the specific coarse, medium then fine grit sandpaper that is used – will depend on the condition of the floor. However, for the final sanding pass, it is recommended that you use grits 100-120. 

Carry out a thorough vacuuming to remove the dust that is generated from the sanding process. You don’t want particles getting trapped under the lacquer, as these will interfere with the final result, as well as negatively affect the functionality of the lacquer. Working with a powerful vacuum cleaner as well as an antistatic cloth will ensure that there are no residual particles remaining on the floor surface. 

Extra Tip: During the sanding stage, blemishes that are on the floor can be resolved. This includes those scratches and gaps that had been dug into the surface. Taking the sanding dust from the floor and mixing it with the filler agent will create a mixture that has properties similar to the rest of the flooring. 

Once the floor is clean and ready, you can proceed with the application of the Carver Omeg-Art Floor Lacquer. 

How To Use The Carver Omeg-Art Floor Lacquer 

  1. Shake the container

This is the typical first step of floor lacquers, since there could be content that has solidified within the unit during its storage and transportation. Giving the container a good shake dissolves these solids and distributes them within the formulation. 

  1. Preparing the catalysed finish

Take a container where the mixture will be prepared. First add the Carver Omeg-Art Floor Lacquer to the container, and then pour IDRO2 hardener slowly into it. Mix it well, then give it 15 minutes for the required reactions to occur. 

For cases where it is really hot, you’ll want to delay the drying process for the treatment to bond properly with the floor. Here, simply add 5-10% water to this catalysed varnish or with 2% of the Carver DILUENTE GRIP. 

  1. Application

Apply a generous coat of product onto the floor. Different tools can be used depending on the size of the floor space that is to be covered, as well as the ease required. Rollers, brushes, spray application, even using a curtain coater – the approach used will vary from one situation to the next. 

Recommendation: Use Carver MONACO or POSEIDONE rollers for the application, since they have been particularly developed for applying water-based finishes. 

  1. Drying times

Within 30 minutes, the treatment will already be dry to the touch. While the specific duration will be determined by the cycle being followed and the primers that are being used with the Carver Omeg-Art Floor Lacquer, two key limits should be observed:

  • 6 hours: Within this time, the surface can be recoated without sanding the previous coat. 
  • 30 hours: Before this limit elapses, the floor can be recoated, but will first need to be lightly sanded. 

Should the 30-hour limit pass, then the floor will need to be carefully sanded and washed using the IDROCLEANER formulation. Also, add 5% of the Carver DILUENTE GRIP to the finish being applied onto the floor.

Light traffic can be allowed back onto the treated floor after 24 hours.

Floor Care With The Carver Omeg-Art Floor Lacquer

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