Enhance The Look Of Your Oiled Floors With Lios Kronos

Enhance The Look Of Your Oiled Floors With Lios Kronos

Enhance The Look Of Your Oiled Floors With Lios Kronos

Wooden floors are everywhere nowadays, aren’t they? From the rustic pine in countryside homes to the polished teak in upscale restaurants, basketball court where athletes make their mark to the vibrant dance studios – they are installed across the board (pun intended). This is due to their natural appeal, versatility, and resilience. Whether it’s gym floors or office lobbies – they add to the elegance of the space. Yet, like all beautiful things, they demand consistent care to maintain their allure and longevity. That’s where LIOS Kronos comes in.

All sorts of dirt wind up on the floor and can be a threat to it. At home, from the day-to-day usage to cases where you have guests, around, host dinners and parties, the floor sees its fair share of foot traffic, spills, and crumbs. Those busy coffee shops downtown that handle hundreds of patrons daily, each bringing in the grind from the city streets, an upscale spa, where clients walk all over the area with oils and lotions on their feet – in such cases an ordinary cleaner might just skim the surface. But with LIOS Kronos, you will be able to get rid of the grime with ease. Those accidental beverage spills from your last get-together, the muddy footprints in the reception area of a boutique hotel, the residue from spilled coffee in a café– it dives deep, ensuring every trace of dirt, every scuff mark is done away with, leaving you with a freshly spruced up floor. Let’s break down how the LIOS Kronos works.

LIOS KRONOS Review – What Is It?

This is a floor cleaner designed specifically for the unique demands of wooden floors treated with natural oil. Its plant-based formula gets deep into the wood, ensuring that even the most stubborn dirt is effectively dealt with. And it’s not just about cleaning, but rejuvenating and preserving the wooden floor’s natural sheen and health.  If consistently used, the LIOS Kronos promises to rid your oiled wooden floors of even the most obstinate dirt, keeping them pristine and gleaming.

How to Use LIOS KRONOS for Best Results

Don’t just go ahead and pour it onto the surface. First, you’ll need to dilute the product. 

For 1 L Packaging:

  1. Grab a Container: Find yourself a container that can hold a litre of water. 
  2. Pour in the Water: Fill the container with one litre of cold or room temperature water. Let’s not get hot and steamy; colder water works best.
  3. Time for LIOS KRONOS: You don’t need much. Just three capfuls. Uncap your LIOS KRONOS bottle, fill the cap with the liquid, and gently pour it into the water. Repeat this three times.
  4. Mix it Up: Give it a good stir or shake, ensuring the solution is mixed well. 

The amount of solution you prepare will depend on the size of the area you’re working on, and the capacity of your cleaning machinery. When you dilute 3 capfuls of LIOS KRONOS in a litre of water, you’ve prepped yourself a solution that’ll effectively cover an impressive 30 m²/L. Your living room, hallway, or maybe even your kitchen, can all be tackled with just this modest mix.

For the 5L and 25L Packaging:

  1. Bigger Floor, Bigger Container: Depending on your needs, grab a container that’s big enough for 5 litres of water. You might need a larger bucket for this.
  2. Water First: As before, fill it with cold or room temperature water.
  3. Top up with LIOS KRONOS: For these larger packagings, dilution’s a tad different. Pour 500 ml of LIOS KRONOS into the 5L of water. This gets you a concentration of about 10%, just right for an effective clean without being overpowering.
  4. Stir Well: Ensure that the solution is well-mixed, with no separate layers or unevenness.

Well, when you’ve got a litre of the product mixed in the ratios advised, it proudly boasts a whopping coverage of 200 m²/L. Larger rooms, multiple spaces, or just having some leftover for a quick touch-up later on – it’s all doable.

As such, with the LIOS KRONOS, you get to benefit from its budget friendly nature. It gives you the results you desire without breaking the bank. And that’s what we all want from our home care products: efficiency, effectiveness, and economy. 

Cleaning Procedure

This is straightforward:

  1. Dip and Wring: Once your LIOS KRONOS solution is ready, dip your PANNO MANTAIN cloth into it. But before it meets your floor, ensure it’s well-wrung. You want it damp, not dripping. Water can damage the wood, causing it to swell, warp, or even rot over time.
  2. Even Strokes: Clean with even strokes, following the grain of the wood. This way, you’re working with the natural lines of your floor, not against them.

Thinning Requirements: If you’re looking to thin the LIOS KRONOS a bit, just use water. Simple, isn’t it?

Regular Cleaning – Why Every 30/60 Days?

  1. Consistency is Key: Cleaning your floor every 30 to 60 days with LIOS KRONOS ensures that dirt and grime don’t build up. Remember, accumulated dirt can be abrasive. Think of it like fine sandpaper, every time you walk, you’re essentially grinding that dirt into your floor, leading to scratches and premature wear.
  2. Maintain the Shine: Regular cleaning doesn’t just get rid of the gunk that is piling up on the floor. It helps maintain the natural shine and lustre of your wooden floor. It’s like giving your floor a mini-facial every month!
  3. Prolonged Floor Life: This might sound like an old tune, but prevention really is better than cure. Regular maintenance with LIOS KRONOS can prolong the life of your floor, ensuring it looks fresh and fabulous for years.

Post-cleaning Care

You can go further and treat your wood floor with these solutions from the same brand for that extra touch: 

LIOS Soft Balm & LIOS Soft Balm Aloe

Think of this as giving your skin a gentle moisturiser after a deep cleanse. That’s precisely the role that LIOS Soft Balm and LIOS Soft Balm Aloe play.

  1. Nourishment & Shine: Both these balms offer a dual benefit. While they clean, they also nourish, ensuring that your floor doesn’t just look clean but also radiates a healthy sheen.
  2. Natural Beauty Enhancement: LIOS Soft Balm Aloe, with its aloe vera extracts, enhances your wood’s natural beauty and leaves behind a refreshing fragrance, turning your room into a haven of freshness.
  3. Regular Use Benefits: When used consistently, say every 15 to 30 days, these balms ensure that the natural and uniform appearance of your wooden floors is preserved.

LIOS Talita Plus: Refreshing & Regenerating Oils

This one comes in for the wood floors that have lost their lustre or show signs of wear and tear. It acts as a refreshing agent for oiled wooden floors that have gone dull or matte over time. A gentle application can bring back that showroom shine. The maintenance oil in LIOS Talita Plus regenerates the wood, contributing to prolonging its life

For best results, it’s recommended to apply LIOS Talita Plus twice a year. However, for those who love a bit of DIY home care, using it as an extraordinary maintenance measure once a year is also beneficial.

Your floors deserve that care, and with these post-cleaning products, you’re ensuring they remain the centrepiece of your lovely home or commercial space.

Eco-friendly Attributes – Going Green With Your Floor Care

We’ve all seen the devastating impacts of environmental neglect. As we wade deeper into this era, it’s become essential to scrutinise what we bring into our homes. And no, we’re not just talking about aesthetics or functionality, but the environmental footprint of our household items. That’s where biodegradable products come into play.

Why Biodegradability Matters Today

Well, the world’s filling up with waste. From oceans brimming with plastic to landfills spewing toxins, we’ve created a mess. The products we use daily, especially cleaning products, often end up washed away into our ecosystems. Thus, choosing products that break down naturally without leaving harmful residues is vital for our planet’s well-being. 

LIOS KRONOS: Leading by Example

While the LIOS KRONOS made a name for itself by being a robust floor cleaner, look at it a bit deeper and you’ll find its green heart. Proudly boasting a 90% biodegradability, it stands tall as a testament to responsible production. Basically, 9 out of every 10 drops of this cleaner return to nature in a harmless form!

But what does this mean for you? Using LIOS KRONOS isn’t just about achieving spotlessly clean floors. It’s a choice that resonates with our collective responsibility. Every time you mop your floor, you can be content in the knowledge that you’re not just looking after your home, but also playing your part in caring for the world outside.

So in a world seeking sustainable solutions, choosing products like LIOS KRONOS is more than a personal choice; it’s a step towards a cleaner, greener future. And that, dear reader, is a step worth taking.

And the brand behind it is keen on this as well.

Chimiver: A Testament to Quality and Sustainability

Since its inception in 1965,the brand  has consistently evolved, positioning itself as Italy’s leading brand for floor treatments – including the LIOS KRONOS under review. Understanding the rapidly changing market dynamics, Chimiver has always prioritized both speed and high-quality offerings.

The brand’s commitment to quality is evident in its state-of-the-art laboratory. This facility ensures that each product upholds the highest chemical and physical standards through continuous testing from raw materials to the final product.

Chimiver’s operational ethos revolves around anticipating market needs. This foresight, combined with their dedication to innovation, has paved the way for their renowned reputation. Their success formula also encompasses a devoted team, strong customer relationships, and a modern infrastructure. With its products being used in over 60 countries, the brand has established its dominance worldwide. half-century experience is evident in their tailored product ranges for various floor types.

Sustainability at the Forefront

The rapidly changing environmental landscape has prompted the brand to adopt sustainability as a core principle, leading to development of products like the LIOS KRONOS. The brand’s commitment to reducing its carbon footprint aligns with the EU’s ambitious goals, showcasing their determination to tackle climate change head-on.

Chimiver’s EPD initiative aims to analyze and minimize the environmental impact of their products. By studying the entire product life cycle, they’re not just focusing on maintaining performance, but also on environmental stewardship. Recognizing that packaging significantly contributes to waste, the brand has pushed for the use of recycled materials. Their proactive participation in ECOPACK and achievements therein underscore their dedication to eco-friendly practices.

Chimiver’s inaugural Sustainability Report symbolizes their unwavering dedication to fostering a green future. This voluntary initiative, coupled with their alignment with UN Agenda 2030, showcases their ambition to pave a sustainable path forward.

Believing in the potential of sustainable technologies, The brand is keen on investing in solutions that last longer and impact less. They see this as their contribution to a prosperous, sustainable future that benefits everyone, including generations to come. So by turning to the LIOS KRONOS from Chimiver you’re working with a brand that has  a legacy of quality, innovation, and sustainability. 

Why Choose LIOS KRONOS over Other Cleaners? 

In a world increasingly attuned to the effects of chemical-heavy products on our environment and our health, plant-based solutions have emerged popular alternatives across  numerous industries, and it’s the same case with wood floor care.

Opting for natural formulas, like those found in LIOS KRONOS, offers a myriad of benefits. First off, they’re gentler. Unlike harsh chemicals, natural ingredients are less likely to damage the delicate finish of your oiled wooden floors. Plus, there’s peace of mind knowing you’re not releasing harmful toxins into your home’s environment, especially if you’ve got kids or pets running around. 

LIOS KRONOS vs Chemical Cleaners

Yes, you get to be kind to the environment. But what about the performance in actually getting rid of the dirt and grime? You want cleaning agents that will actually get the job done. The LIOS KRONOS packs a punch, acting on even the most stubborn dirt on oiled wooden floors. But it does so with finesse, ensuring your floors remain pristine and undamaged. Unlike standard chemical-based cleaners, which can be abrasive and deteriorative, LIOS KRONOS gives you the best of both worlds: a balance between superior cleaning power and eco-conscious responsibility.

The Importance of Using a Targeted Cleaner for Oiled Wooden Floors

Not all wooden floors are equal. Those treated with natural oil have distinct characteristics and thus, unique cleaning requirements. Recognising these needs is vital to ensure the floor’s longevity and maintain its lustre.

Treating wood floors will oil-based treatments comes with several benefits, including: 

  • Protection: Oils penetrate into the wood fibers and provide protection from the inside out. This helps in resisting damage from water spills, stains, and daily wear. When the wood absorbs the oil, it becomes less susceptible to moisture-related issues like swelling, warping, or cracking.
  • Natural Look and Feel: Products like polyurethane, acrylic, and certain varnishes create a protective film or layer on the surface of the wood. Oils, such as linseed oil, tung oil, or specialized hardwood floor oils, are penetrating finishes. They soak into the wood fibers, enriching them from within and providing protection without forming a continuous external barrier.

When oils penetrate wood, they can deepen and enhance the wood’s natural color and grain pattern. The result is a rich, vibrant finish that showcases the unique characteristics of each plank. Oiled finishes typically produce a matte to satin sheen, rather than the high-gloss or semi-gloss finishes that some polyurethanes provide. This softer sheen further emphasizes the wood’s natural beauty and minimizes the reflection often associated with glossier finishes.

Because of this approach, penetrate the wood and don’t create a thick film on top, the natural texture of the wood – be it the smoothness of finely sanded hardwood or the subtle roughness of hand-scraped or wire-brushed finishes – is preserved. This means you’re actually feeling the wood itself, not a layer of protective finish.

Wood inherently has a warm feel underfoot, especially when compared to materials like tile or stone. Oiled finishes, which don’t separate you from the wood with a surface barrier, enhance this warmth. This makes for a comfortable walking or standing experience. And for many, the feel of natural wood provides a deeper connection to nature. This tactile experience can evoke feelings of coziness, authenticity, and grounding – qualities often associated with natural materials. Cleaners like the LIOS KRONOS preserve this effect.

This combination of the visual richness and tactile experience can profoundly influence a room’s ambiance. Spaces with such floors often feel more organic, inviting, and serene. Plus oiled wood floors also have the potential to age gracefully. Over time, they may develop a patina, a naturally worn look that many homeowners and designers cherish for its character and history.

  • Easy Repairs: One of the most significant advantages of oiled floors is the ease with which they can be repaired. If a section of the floor gets scratched or damaged, it’s often possible to spot-repair that area by cleaning and re-oiling it, without having to refinish the entire floor.
  • Breathability: Oiled finishes allow the wood to “breathe” more effectively than some polyurethane finishes. The finishes penetrate deep into the wood fibers rather than creating a film or barrier on the surface. This allows the wood to maintain its natural porous structure. Because of this penetration, oiled floors can absorb and release moisture more effectively. This means that in a humid environment, an oiled wood floor might absorb some of the excess moisture, and in a dry environment, it might release some moisture. This property helps in regulating indoor humidity to some extent.

Oiled finishes allow for this natural movement, reducing the risk of problems such as warping or buckling. When wood can breathe and naturally regulate its moisture content, it tends to have a more stable structure. This reduces the risks of issues like splitting, cracking, or other moisture-related deformities.

  • Eco-friendly Options: Many of the oils used for wood flooring, such as linseed oil and tung oil, are derived from natural and renewable resources. Additionally, there are now many low-VOC (volatile organic compounds) and even VOC-free oils available, which are better for indoor air quality and the environment. 
  • Maintenance: While oiled floors may require regular maintenance to keep them looking their best, this can often be done by the homeowner without the need for professional intervention. Regularly cleaning with products like the LIOS KRONOS and occasionally re-oiling the floor can help maintain its beauty and prolong its life.

But with this functionality comes specific care requirements. The porous nature of the wood already makes it susceptible to dirt and stains. Using the wrong cleaning products can strip away the protective oils applied, leaving the wood vulnerable to damage.

Why Your Choice Of Cleaner Matters

  1. Preservation of the Oil Finish:

Some cleaning agents, especially those with strong chemicals or solvents, can break down this oil barrier. Once this happens, the wood’s natural defense against potential harm is diminished.

Without this protective layer, wood becomes a magnet for issues like moisture, which can lead to warping, swelling, or even mold growth. Stains from spills also become more pronounced, and the wood is more susceptible to scratches and dents.

  1. Retention of Natural Look and Feel:

Oiled floors offer a matte, natural appearance that showcases the wood’s inherent beauty. Improper cleaning agents might deposit residues that mask this beauty. These residues can make the floor look cloudy or uneven, diminishing its aesthetic appeal. Moreover, the unique texture and warmth of oiled wood floors might be altered, making the floor feel different underfoot.

  1. Prevention of Damage:

While all wood floors are vulnerable to harsh chemicals, oiled floors have the added risk of adverse chemical reactions with the oil itself. For example, using an alkaline cleaner on oiled wood can cause saponification, a process where the oil reacts and forms a soap-like substance. This not only alters the appearance of the floor but also reduces its protective qualities. 

  1. Re-oiling Frequency:

A floor’s need for re-oiling largely depends on its wear and the integrity of its oil finish. When unsuitable cleaning agents degrade the oil finish prematurely, homeowners may find themselves re-oiling the floor more frequently, leading to increased maintenance time and costs.

  1. Safety and Slip Issues:

Certain cleaning agents can react with the oil to create a surface that’s either too slippery or too tacky. A slippery floor poses obvious dangers, especially in homes with elderly residents or children. On the other hand, a sticky floor can gather more dirt and debris, making the floor look dirty and possibly leading to scratches.

  1. Economic Implications:

Wood floors are an investment. Damaging them with improper care can lead to costly remedies. While re-oiling is a standard maintenance task, doing it too frequently due to damage can become expensive. In severe cases, the entire floor might need refinishing, a process that’s both time-consuming and costly.

  1. Environmental and Health Concerns:

One of the reasons homeowners opt for oil finishes is their eco-friendly nature. Many floor oils are derived from natural sources and have a lower environmental impact. It’s counterproductive to use cleaning agents laden with VOCs or other harmful chemicals on such floors. These chemicals can off-gas into the home, affecting indoor air quality and posing health risks to the occupants. From an environmental perspective, the production and disposal of harmful cleaning agents also have a greater ecological footprint.

Generic floor cleaners might be a tempting choice, given their widespread availability and often lower price point. But here’s the catch: they’re typically formulated for a broader range of surfaces, lacking the specificity that oiled wooden floors demand. Using such cleaners can euin the oil finish, causing the wood to become dry, dull, and brittle. Over time, this not only affects the floor’s appearance but can also lead to reduced lifespan, causing cracks and higher risk sof water damage likewarping.

Packaging Options for Every Need

From small homes to expansive commercial setups, there’s a size of LIOS KRONOS tailored just for you:

  • 1L Packaging: This is perfect for those with modest-sized homes. It allows you to maintain that glossy finish without the hassle of repurchasing often.
  • 5L Packaging: Got a more extensive residence or perhaps a small business venue? The 5L packaging has got you covered. It’s ideal for those spaces that are just a tad larger, needing a bit more product to keep those floors in tip-top shape.
  • 25L Packaging: Now, for those vast commercial areas or businesses with expansive wooden flooring, the 25L is the go-to. Frequent cleaning, essential for maintaining a professional look, becomes a breeze. With the 25L, there’s no worry about running out mid-clean or operational costs running out of hand.

Safety First: Precautions With LIOS KRONOS

When it comes to cleaning, safety should always be paramount. While LIOS KRONOS boasts a natural formula tailored for your wooden floors, there are precautions that every user should bear in mind:

Firstly, always keep LIOS KRONOS out of children’s reach. Curious little hands might find the packaging alluring, but it’s crucial to ensure they can’t access it. Don’t ingest it and, just as importantly, don’t inhale its concentrated form.

Accidents can happen, and if you ever find the product making contact with your eyes, act promptly. Flush your eyes with plenty of clean water right away. Should any discomfort persist, seeking medical attention is a must. It’s always better to be safe than sorry.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Whenever you’re introducing a new product into your cleaning regime, it’s natural to have questions. Here, we tackle some of the frequently asked questions about LIOS KRONOS to ensure you get the most out of this premium floor care product.

Q. What makes LIOS KRONOS different from other wooden floor cleaners? 

LIOS KRONOS boasts a special plant-based formula designed specifically for deep cleaning of wooden floors treated with natural oil. Unlike some other products, it’s tailored to handle even the toughest dirt on oiled wooden floors with ease.

Q. How often should I use LIOS KRONOS for cleaning?

For the best results, it’s recommended to clean your floors with LIOS KRONOS every 30 to 60 days. Regular cleaning ensures that dirt doesn’t accumulate and maintains the natural beauty of your wooden floor.

Q. Is it safe for kids and pets?

While the product is formulated for safety, it’s essential to keep it out of reach of children. If used as directed and the floor is dried properly after cleaning, it is safe for both pets and kids to roam around.

Q. Can I use LIOS KRONOS on untreated wooden floors?

LIOS KRONOS is specifically designed for wooden floors treated with natural oil. For untreated floors or other types of treatments, you might want to consult with a specialist or test a small area first.

Q. What’s the recommended dilution ratio for LIOS KRONOS?

For the 1L packaging, dilute 3 capfuls in 1 litre of water. For the larger 5L and 25L packaging, dilute 500ml of the product into 5L of water.

Q. Does the product have a shelf life?

Yes, LIOS KRONOS has a storage stability of one year when kept in its original sealed containers and stored at temperatures between +10°C and +25°C.

Q. Is LIOS KRONOS eco-friendly?

Absolutely! We’re proud to highlight that LIOS KRONOS is 90% biodegradable, making it a responsible choice for both your wooden floors and the planet.

Q. After cleaning with LIOS KRONOS, do I need to use any other products?

For optimal results, after cleaning with LIOS KRONOS, it’s beneficial to apply LIOS Soft Balm or LIOS Soft Balm Aloe. If your wooden floor shows signs of wear or dryness, you might also consider the application of LIOS Talita Plus for refreshing and regenerating.

Q. What if I have a large commercial space? Do you offer larger packaging options?

Certainly! Beyond the standard 1L packaging, LIOS KRONOS is available in both 5L and 25L options to cater to varied cleaning needs, from residential spaces to larger commercial areas.

Final Thoughts 

Proper care for wooden floors isn’t merely about aesthetics; it’s about preserving the quality, functionality, and lifespan of an essential part of our living or working spaces. With the multitude of cleaners out there, making an informed choice is pivotal. LIOS KRONOS allows you to care for floors treated with natural oil, ensuring they remain as beautiful as they were on day one. Do not mix it with other produces apart from those specified. 

Enhance The Look Of Your Oiled Floors With Lios Kronos

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