Carver Primol Turbo Wood Stain | Walnut Mansonia

Carver Primol Turbo Wood Stain | Walnut Mansonia

Carver Primol Turbo Wood Stain | Walnut Mansonia

Carver Primol Turbo Wood stain is available in a number of different colours of walnut. It starts from a very light walnut up to a very dark walnut. The new Carver Primol Turbo Wood Stain | Walnut Mansonia is a medium rich walnut wood stain compatible with pretty much all types of wooden surfaces. You do not need to be a highly skilled floor refinishing contractor to be able to use the Carver Primol Turbo Wood Stain | Walnut Mansonia, but a bit of common sense is required. The idea of a professional wood stain is to create unique finishes on bland or boring looking types of wood, to level up imperfections or to create a colour that is compatible with the furniture or the wall paint. Either way, when selecting the most appropriate wood stain, you should consider all implications and you should have some samples done on your own floor. The same wood stain can look alot different on different types of wood. Brighter types of wood floors or furniture will be darkened up while already dark types of wood surfaces will become even darker. Some types of wood floors cannot be stained at all (maple), or if it is stained, it might look patchy and discolored. 

If you are ready for a major change, then you should consider the new Carver Primol Turbo Wood Stain | Walnut Mansonia. A beautiful and natural looking wood stain designed to transform your old and dated pine floors in a rich walnut finish.

Carver Primol Turbo Wood Stain | Walnut Mansonia – How does it look?

A short while back most types of professional and domestic wood stains had an artificial look. While it was transforming the colour of the wood from its original colour to a different colour, the look was not right. But then Carver came to Ireland with a new range of unique and innovative wood stains. Deep penetrating and natural looking wood stain that could magically transform floors and wood furniture. At the top of the list, based on popularity, is the new Carver Primol Turbo Wood Stain | Walnut Mansonia. This oil based wood stain will penetrate the wood in full while exposing the fibre of the wood. It does not glaze and it does not look like a laminate. A rich and elegant wood stain that is easy to apply and overcoat. The reason the new Carver Primol Turbo Wood Stain | Walnut Mansonia is so popular, is the fact that this particular stain is somewhere between light and dark walnut. It looks amazing and it will satisfy all those undecided people.

Carver Primol Turbo Wood Stain | Walnut Mansonia – Oil based 

Yes, the amazing Carver Primol Turbo Wood Stain | Walnut Mansonia is 100% oil based. It is also applied as an oil but it has no protective qualities. Because the wood stain is oil based, it has to be sealed with a floor oil or a two pack floor lacquer. It all depends on what type of finish you are after. There is very little difference in look between a floor oil and a matt or natural water based floor lacquer. A few years back when the oil based floor lacquers were highly popular, there was a clear distinction between floor lacquers and floor oil. The old floor lacquers were glazing the floor and were creating that particular gloss finish that used to yellow over time. But the new water based floor lacquers are 100% matt and natural looking & require way less care. Here are the two options available to overcoat the wood stain:

Carver Carsol Traditional Floor Oil

Carver Omeg-Art Floor Lacquer (water based)

Carver Epsilon Floor Lacquer (water based)

Carver Matt Floor Lacquer (solvent two pack)

***single pack floor lacquers are not compatible with oil based wood stain. It might cover it and it might even look great for a while, but it will exfoliate over time. Please use a two pack water based floor lacquer or a solvent based floor lacquer***

If you are planning to seal your wooden floor with floor oil, you need to know that it will take about 24 hours before you can walk on that particular area. Floor oils, unlike wood stains, take much longer to dry.

Carver Primol Turbo Wood Stain | Walnut Mansonia – How to do it

Surface preparation is essential for a great final result. First of all you need to inspect the wood surface and see if there is some type of sealant on it. Even if the surface looks matt and unsealed, there is little chance that there is no sealant on it. The wood stain has to penetrate the wood in full to be able to dry and achieve that spectacular look. So, you need to prepare for sanding. Pretty much the same process applies when sanding wooden floors or furniture. You need to start sanding with rough sandpaper grit 40, then move to 60, then move to 80 & then finish the surface with 100 grit sandpaper. Do not sand against the fibre of the wood to avoid creating circular scratches. Vacuum the area, remove all residue and make sure that the floor is dry and ready for staining.

1 tin of wood stain will cover anything between 30 to 70 sq meters of wood. It all depends on the type of wood, the quality of the sanding & the way you plan to apply it. If you are likely to apply the wood stain manually, you are likely to cover less than applying it with a low speed floor buffer. 

Shake the wood stain tin for about 30 seconds to mix up the pigments. Open the lid with care to avoid drips and leaks. Put on a pair of gloves and prepare for staining. Place a cloth inside the stain and start rubbing the cloth against the wood fibre until the wood has changed colour and it looks stained. Any excess wood stain has to be removed on the spot. Darker or brighter patches can be repaired fast by going over one more time. Some areas might take longer to absorb the wood stain than other areas. Job done. Allow 2-4 hours to dry and you can apply the sealer over the wood stain. 

Carver Primol Turbo Wood Stain | Walnut Mansonia – Sealing

Any imperfection and any scratch on the wood will be made more visible by the stain. If you are 100% happy with the way the surface was stained, get ready for sealing it. A two pack water based floor lacquer has to be mixed up about 10 minutes before the application. Use a small brush to apply floor lacquer in all narrow areas, corners & all hard to reach areas. For the larger areas please use a varnishing roller. Apply floor lacquer generously until the wood looks wet but not over soaked. About 2-4 hours later the floor will be fully dry and ready for another light sanding job. After the first coat of floor lacquer was applied, all small spikes and imperfections will create a rough finish. Nothing to worry about. A quick re-sanding with 150 to 180 grit sandpaper will flatten up the imperfections and it will create a perfectly smooth finish. Vacuum the floor one more time and apply the second coat of floor lacquer. If you are after a natural finish, then two coats is more than enough. If you are looking for a bit of sheen, or if you are sealing high traffic areas, then a third coat is recommended. Same application system for solvent based floor lacquers.

Oiling – if the floor looks dry and ready for overcoating, then you can prepare for oiling. Apply one thick coat of floor oil using a cloth, a floor pad or some type of applicator. Remember, a floor oil needs at least 24 hours drying time. The amazing Carver Greenol Traditional Floor Oil provides full protection in only 1 coat system but you can do 2-3 coats if you want. Each coat will require 24 hours to fully dry. Find out more information about oiled floor cleaning and oiled floor maintenance. All oiled floors have to be refreshed at least once every 12 months or more, if there is a lot of traffic on that particular floor.

Carver Primol Turbo Wood Stain | Walnut Mansonia – Professional

The new range of Carver floor oil and Carver wood stains are in high demand with the professional floor refinishing and floor restoration industry. These products are great profit generators due to increased coverage area, quick drying times, spectacular finishes and unequalled durability. All Carver products are manufactured from some of the most eco-friendly materials available. We are happy to introduce you to Carver range if you are happy to try it. Highly cost effective products that will enable you to work faster and more efficiently.

Carver Primol Turbo Wood Stain | Walnut Mansonia – Recommendations

Pre-testing for colour suitability is highly recommended. Do not mix up a number of wood stains from different brands to avoid reactions and patchy finishes. Any cloth or floor pad used in the process of staining has to be soaked in water before being disposed of in the bin. The static energy that accumulates inside the cloth can ignite if the right conditions are met. When staining large floor areas make sure that you have enough product to cover the whole floor. If you are creating unique colours by mixing up “Carver” wood stains, mix up enough colour for the whole floor. You may not be able to achieve the same colour again and your floor will look different. Ask your floor refinishing contractor to seal and protect all your wooden floors with Carver Wood Care Products.

Carver Primol Turbo Wood Stain | Walnut Mansonia

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