Carver Primol Turbo Wood Stain | Moison 

Carver Primol Turbo Wood Stain | Moison 

Carver Primol Turbo Wood Stain | Moison 

Carver Primol Moison Wood Stain is a medium dark walnut wood stain. The product can be used as a wood stain or floor oil. If you are planning to oil your floor but if you are looking for a colour change, then you can apply 1 coat of Carver Primol Moison and then 1 coat of Carver Greenol Traditional Floor Oil. Or, if you are looking for a varnish sealer but you would like to stain the wood in a darker colour, then you can use the new Carver Primol Moison as a primer and wood stain and then apply 2 coats of Carver Omeg-Art Floor Lacquer or Carver Epsilon Floor Lacquer. You can also use two pack floor lacquers from other brands but the compatibility is not guaranteed. 

Oil Floor – apply it in two coats with about 12 hours break between the coats and the floor is sealed. 1st coat apply Carver Primol Moison & the 2nd coat Carver Greenol Traditional Floor Oil

Wood Stain – apply it in one coat system and then seal it with a two pack floor lacquer from Carver

Carver Primol Moison Wood Stain – Where to use

The product can be used on pretty much all unsealed wooden surfaces. The final colour will vary from wood type to wood type. The colour chart is informative only and it should only be considered informative. When Carver Primol Moison is applied to a bright type of pine wood, it looks like light oak but, when applied to a cherry wood, it can look black. So the colour and type of the base wood will determine the final colour. You can use Carver Primol Moison on wooden floors, wooden furniture, doors, frames, toys, wooden statues, wooden profiles, etc. It will penetrate deep inside the wood and it will make the fibre of the wood more visible. All Carver Wood Stains are maintaining the natural look of the wood without glazing it. The wood stain will fully penetrate the wood. Bear in mind, the wood stain has 0 protective qualities. It is just a color designed to enhance and transform the original colour of your wooden floor. You can use the new Carver Primol Moison for indoor and outdoor staining projects assuming that the most appropriate sealer is used to overcoat it.

Carver Primol Moison Wood Stain – How to use it

A top quality wood stain like the new Carver Primol Moison Wood Stain is designed to fully penetrate the wood and enhance the look of the wood surface. To be able to fully penetrate, the wood surface has to be 100% sealant free. Pre-existing sealers have to be fully removed by sanding it. New floorboards also have to be sealant free. Just because a floor seems to be sealant free it does not automatically guarantee you that the floor was not impregnated with some kind of oil or water based protector. Very few shops sell 100% unsealed wooden floors. The sanding has to be completed in full and all grit sanding has to be done. Start with 40 grit, go to 60 grit, then 80 grit and then final sanding with 100 grit sandpaper. Many professional floor sanding companies will stop at 80 grit sandpaper but to do so, you need to be well experienced. The wood surface has to look sealant free, dust free and dry. Check out all narrow corners and all areas around the edges. Circle marks left by edgers or sanding machines will absorb more stain and will cause visible imperfections. Always sand the wood going along with the fiber of the wood and not against it.

Depending on what type of surface you need to stain, there are a number of ways of applying the wood stain. If you are staining furniture or other surfaces beside floors, you can use a cloth. Put some gloves on, shake the wood stain bottle well and soak the cloth in stain. Going along with the fibre of the wood, start applying the stain. The wood surface will absorb whatever it can and you need to remove the excess. If some areas look brighter than others, apply more stain to the brighter areas to level up the colours. If some areas look much darker, rub the cloth a few more times against it until all look perfectly even coloured. 

When staining wooden floors you need to apply a different process. Usually all floor refinishing companies use floor buffers or mechanical applicators to stain wooden floors. By doing so you are guaranteed the same level of pressure all over the floor and an even colour from the first attempt. Small cloths are usually used to stain the areas around the skirting boards or all areas where a buffer cannot fit. But you can also stain wooden floors with cloths and special applicator pads. It will take longer but it can be done without any issues.

Carver Primol Moison Wood Stain – Oil Based

Remember, the new Carver Primol Moison Wood Stain is an oil based wood stain. This product will require special care and time to dry. If applied in the right amounts and with proper tools and equipment, you will achieve spectacular results and you will manage to transform old boring looking wood into fancy wood surfaces. Why is it important to be aware that you are using an oil stain? For two reasons. First of all you need to know what type of sealant to use to overcoat it. If you are using the wrong type of sealant that is not compatible with an oiled stain, you will be very disappointed when the top coat starts exfoliating. Second important thing concerns safety. When dealing with oil based wood stains you need to be aware of an important thing. All cloths and all pads used to stain wooden floors have to be safely disposed of and soaked in water before being disposed off. The static energy that will accumulate from the friction between the cloth/pad and the wood surface can ignite if the right conditions are met. To avoid such hazards, remember to soak in water all cloths and pads used to stain wood floors & wood surfaces.

 Carver Primol Moison Wood Stain – Colour

If you are looking for wood stain to stain some type of surface, then clearly you are ready for a change. You plan to enhance some type of wood surface or in some cases, you try to cover up some imperfections, water marks, different colour floorboards, etc. The first thing you need to be aware of is the fact that the same wood stain can look different on different types of wood surfaces. The colour of the wood base will be the one that makes the difference at the end. A pine floor can be very whitish or dark yellow. The wood stain will transform the white pine into a light walnut and the yellow pine into a dark walnut. 

If you are unsure about what type of finish you are looking for, drop by our shop and we can do a sample on a piece of wooden floor from your particular job. All brands of wood stains have samples done on pine or oak, but there are many other types of wood that will look much different than pine or oak when stained with Carver Primol Moison Wood Stain.

Carver Primol Moison Wood Stain – Coverage

All Carver Wood Care Products are designed for professional use and are guaranteed to outperform similar products from other manufacturers, but the final coverage will depend on the quality of the wood, condition, the sanding quality & the way the wood stain is applied. A professional floor refinishing company can cover up to 60 sq meters per 1L of wood stain but most DIY users will only achieve 30-40 sq meters. A wooden surface well sanded and prepared will absorb less stain, a wooden floor stained mechanically will increase coverage & a well skilled person will know how to apply it to maximise its potential. But even if you only cover 30 sq meters per 1L, compared with other types of wood stains, it is great. 

Not all types of wood fibres are as thirsty. While pine floors are likely to absorb a lot of stain, the oak floor or cherry wood on the other hand is likely to absorb very little wood stain. So as you can see, the coverage area is informative only and it can depend on a number of things.

Carver Primol Moison Wood Stain – Overcoating

After the wood surface was stained with the amazing Carver Primol Moison Wood Stain, you can prepare for overcoating. As we have explained to you above, a wood stain has no protective qualities so it needs to be overcoated with some kind of protector. You can use Carver Matt Solvent Based Floor Lacquer, Carver Omeg-Art Floor Lacquer or Carver Epsilon Floor Lacquer. You can also seal the wood stain with Carver Greenol Traditional Floor Oil. 

2 or 3 hours after the wood is stained and the surface looks dry and ready for overcoating, you can prepare to seal it. If you are likely to use a water based floor lacquer, then mix up the hardener with the lacquer, wait for about 10 min & apply the first coat of lacquer. Re-sand the whole floor with 150 or 180 grit sandpaper, vacuum the floor & then apply the last coat of water based floor lacquer. All Carver floor lacquer will provide full protection if applied in a 3 coats system. 

If you are using a solvent based floor lacquer, then you can just apply the sealer without having to mix it up with a hardener. The only reason you can only use two pack water based floor lacquers is because the wood stain is oil based while the floor lacquer is water based & are not compatible. The hardener makes it 100% compatible with the wood stain.

Or you can seal the stained area with high traffic traditional floor oil from Carver. Carver Greenol Traditional Floor Oil is compatible with all Carver wood stains. Just apply one thick coat of floor oil and allow up to 24 hours to fully dry. The new Carver Greenol Floor Oil can be applied in one coat system. The oil will provide incredible protection on residential and high traffic commercial oil floors. By sealing the wood stain with Carver Greenol Traditional Floor Oil, you maintain the natural look of the wood while allowing the wood to ventilate naturally.

Carver Primol Moison Wood Stain – Beautiful

You do not need to be a professional or a highly skilled individual to be able to use the new Carver Primol Moison Wood Stain. Carver manufactures some of the finest quality wood care products that are designed for easy application. Anyone can stain a piece of furniture, a door, a frame or a small floor. Larger floors might require better quality sanders but small bedroom floors up to 10-12 sq meters can be sanded, stained and sealed easily enough by a diy enthusiast. 

A wooden surface sealed with the new Carver Primol Moison Wood Stain will look amazing. Even better, because the wood stain penetrates the wood surface so deep, superficial scratches will not create discolorations on the top coat. Some coloured primers from other brands of wood care products will glaze the floor and when a scratch happens, the bare wood under the sealer will appear instantly. A wood stain will stain about 0.5 cm inside the wood to prevent this kind of damage.

Carver Primol Moison Wood Stain – Professional Use

If you own a floor sanding or a floor refinishing company and if you are looking for a professional quality wood stain that looks unique, has a high coverage area and dries in no time, then you should check out the new Carver Primol Moison Wood Stain. We have the full Carver range of floor lacquers, wood fillers, gap fillers, primers, sealers, stains, etc. All our products are designed for heavy duty professional use.

Carver Primol Moison Wood Stain 

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