Carver Primol Turbo Wenge Wood Stain

Carver Primol Turbo Wenge Wood Stain

Carver Primol Turbo Wenge Wood Stain

The unicity of this amazing wood stain comes from its capability of looking so different based on what type of wood surface it is applied to. When used on white pine floorboards it ends up looking dark grey, when used on oak floor it looks very light grey and when used on red pine floorboards, it turns up dark brown. No other wood stain from the Carver brand can look so different! But the fact that the colours can be so different all the time, has made the new Carver Primol Turbo Wenge Wood Stain even more popular. 

For those looking for a unique color, for those looking for a high coverage wood stain, for those ready to make a great profit & impress their customers, try the amazing Carver Primol Turbo Wenge Wood Stain. Any type of plain and boring looking wood surface will be transformed into a unique and contemporary finish. All Carver wood stains can be used by professionals & DIY enthusiasts. It is very hard to apply it the wrong way if you read this article in full.

Carver Primol Turbo Wenge Wood Stain – Oil Based

There are two types of wood stains available on the market, water based wood stains and oil based wood stains. Carver Primol Turbo Wood Stains are 100% oil based. The difference in look between oil based and water based is pretty dramatic. The oil based wood stains are more workable, cover more and look better when dry. While most water based wood stains can be overcoaedt with pretty much any sealer besides hard wax oil, the oil based wood stains can only be sealed with two pack water based floor lacquers, solvent based floor lacquers & floor oils. To enhance and protect a newly stained wood surface use one of the following sealers to overcoat it:

Carver Omeg-Art Floor Lacquer

Carver Epsilon Floor Lacquer

Carver Matt Floor Lacquer

Carver Greenol Traditional Floor Oil

You can use two pack floor lacquers from other brands as well but the compatibility is not guaranteed by the manufacturer. There are no clear reasons why a two pack floor lacquer from other brands would not work but as we said, the manufacturer recommends using the same brand sealer to be safe.

If you are using a two pack floor lacquer from Carver, you need to do at least two coats of lacquer before the surface is protected. If you are using Carver Greenol Traditional Floor Oil, one coat is more than enough but it requires 24 hours drying times. 

 Carver Primol Turbo Wenge Wood Stain – How To Do It

First of all you should assess the wood surface being stained. For the wood stain to be able to penetrate the wood surface fully and to create a beautiful even finish, the wood surface has to be sealant free, dry and dust free. Assuming that your floor or your furniture is not new, you should prepare for sanding. Starting with 40 grit sandpaper, sand the whole surface well until all signs of old pre-existing finishes are gone. From now on you will have to use finer and finer sandpaper to level up scratches and imperfections created by the 40 grit sandpaper. Go over with 60 grit, then 80 grit & then 100 grit sandpaper. To create a perfect smooth surface you will need to follow step by step instructions. The wood surface has to be scratch free and imperfection free. The oil stain will make any imperfection from sanding more visible. Assuming that you have prepared the surface to perfection, you should prepare for staining.

  1. Take the stain tin and shake it well in all directions for about 30 seconds to mix up the stain evenly
  2. Prepare a towel cloth and put on a pair a gloves
  3. Put the cloth into the wood stain and start rubbing the cloth on the wood going along with the fibre of the wood. The wood will absorb whatever amount of wood stain it needs and you will need to remove the excess.
  4. Darker and brighter areas can be repaired by rubbing it a bit more with the wet cloth.
  5. Do not touch any other surface with the wood stain and try to avoid splashes and spills.
  6. The wood stain will fully dry in about 2 hours but it all depends on the type of wood, the way you have applied it, the outside humidity & ventilation.
  7. Soak the cloth used for staining in clean water after the job was completed. The static electricity and the stain can sometimes create the perfect condition to ignite. 

 Carver Primol Turbo Wenge Wood Stain – Overcoating

To seal the wood stain you have two options. You can either use a floor lacquer or a floor oil. Both provide outstanding protection assuming that you respect the application system and you do not over soak the wood. 

Floor Oil | Carver Greenol Traditional Floor Oil is the ideal floor oil for sealing Carver Primol Turbo Wood Stain. The high traffic floor oil will penetrate the wood in full and it will provide incredible protection. The top coat of protective floor oil can be applied with a cloth, a brush or a floor machine when treating large floor areas. Unlike the solvent and water based floor lacquers, the floor oil requires at least 24 hours to fully dry. In this time you cannot use the floor and you cannot do more coats. The new Carver Greenol Traditional Floor Oil will finish your floor in a cool satin finish. 

Floor Lacquer | Carver provides you with two options if you would like to seal your wooden floor or furniture with a floor lacquer. You can use a solvent based floor lacquer like the amazing Carver Matt Floor Lacquer or you can seal your wood with Carver Omeg-Art Floor Lacquer or Carver Epsilon Floor Lacquer. Only two pack water based floor lacquers are compatible with oil based wood stains. Mix up the hardener with the lacquer and apply a thick coat of it all over the surface. Allow 2-4 hours to dry and prepare for the second coat. After the first coat has fully dried, you will need to slightly re-sand the whole surface with fine grit sandpaper (150 to 180 grit). Vacuum the whole surface to perfection and apply the second coat of floor lacquer. Usually two coats of high traffic floor lacquer will provide full protection but up to 4 coats can be done. 

Remember, a wood stain has no protective qualities. Do not use that particular area until it is sealed with one of the above sealers.

 Carver Primol Turbo Wenge Wood Stain – Coverage

It is hard to accurately know how much wood stain is required to fully complete a project, but you can estimate. The manufacturer’s estimated coverage area is somewhere between 20-30 sq meters per 1L but professionals can achieve up to 60-70 sq meters per 1L when they use floor buffers and special applicators. 

Manual application – 30 sq meters

Flat mops & applicator pad – 40 sq meters

Floor buffers – up to 70 sq meters

The final coverage area will be decided by the type of wood, the quality of the sanding, the way the wood stain is applied and the skill of the applicator. 

 Carver Primol Turbo Wenge Wood Stain – Issues

While staining the wood you can encounter a number of different issues. It all relates to the way the surface was sanded or the way the wood stain was applied. The most common issue is surface discolorations. This can happen when old sealers were not removed in full and the area cannot absorb the stain as evenly as the rest of the floor. Dark patches or circular scratches. This kind of issue can occur when the base surface was not sanded enough or the person that has sanded it has used the sander against the grain of the wood. Prolonged drying periods. Too much excess stain left on the floor can take days to dry and it will dry all patchy and stained. The wood surface will absorb all it can take within a few seconds. Any extra excess has to be removed immediately or within a short period of time. Lighter colour at the start and darker colour at a later stage. This kind of issue can happen when the stain tin was not mixed up to create an even colour. Over time the pigment has deposited at the bottom of the tin while the top of the tin has a very light colour. 

 Carver Primol Turbo Wenge Wood Stain – Is this wood stain suitable?

You should pay a lot of attention when picking the most appropriate wood stain. Just because someone else has used it and it looks well in a different location, it does not mean that it will also look great in your own place. The wood stain has to match the wall paint, the curtains, the furniture & the general feeling of the property. If you are using a dark wood stain on the floor and then also a dark colour on the wall, you will create a dungeon-like feeling. It has to be a perfect harmony and a contrast between the walls and the floors. You are staining your walls or furniture because you want to enhance the look not to make it dark and cold. Even if an interior designer is recommending x colour, you should make sure that you are 100% ok with the recommendations. Some wooden floors can only be sanded once or twice (engineered) so you cannot afford to make mistakes while picking the wood stain.

 Carver Primol Turbo Wenge Wood Stain – Where to use it

You can use the amazing  Carver Primol Turbo Wenge Wood Stain on pretty much any type of wood surface. The idea of a wood stain is to enhance and enrich wooden surfaces, to help blend in discoloration on wood & to create unique finishes. You can use our professional wood stains to stain wooden floors, wooden stairs, banisters, skirting boards, wood profiles, frames, doors, windows, handles, toys, decking, furniture (indoor & outdoor). The only difference between indoor and outdoor areas is the top coat. Exterior areas will require sealing with exterior suitable sealers.

You are just about to use one of the most highly recommended and widely used wood stains in Ireland. Like all Carver products, the new  Carver Primol Turbo Wenge Wood Stain is very easy to use, it is highly cost effective and it looks apart.  Achieve spectacular results with Carver Wood Care Products.

 Carver Primol Turbo Wenge Wood Stain

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