Carver Primol Turbo Super White Wood Stain

Carver Primol Turbo Super White Wood Stain

Carver Primol Turbo Super White Wood Stain

The new Carver Primol Turbo Super White Wood Stain is the ideal wood stain for those looking for a nordic or Scandinavian finish. Even if the new Carver Primol Turbo Super White Wood Stain is called “white stain”, it does not mean that it will transform your wooden floor or wooden furniture into an artificial looking white finish. The wood stain will penetrate the surface of the wood in full and it will give the wood a hint of white especially around the fibre of the wood. The idea of the white wood stain is to enhance the wood, not to transform it into white. The wood stain is compatible with all types of wood surfaces but it looks better on bright types of wood and oak floors. Also, the new Carver Primol Turbo Super White Wood Stain will prevent the yellow of the wood ever becoming very yellow. Many people that had their wooden floors sealed with solvent or oil based wood finishes, are fully aware of the yellowy finish that transforms beautiful bright wood floors into dark yellow depressing looking finishes. One coat of Carver Primol Turbo Super White Wood Stain will 100% prevent that from happening. Even the new water based floor lacquers that cannot react with UV light or cleaning chemicals will darken up the wood. By staining the wood before varnishing you are guaranteed that your floor will look bright and radiant for as long as the sealer that over coated it lasts. 

Carver Primol Turbo Super White Wood Stain – Where To Use It

You can use the new Carver Primol Turbo Super White Wood Stain on pretty much on all types of wood floors, wood furniture, wood frames, wood doors, wood statues, etc. You just need to make sure that the surface is 100% sealant free, dust free and dry. The final colour will depend on what type of wood surface you need to stain. Bright types of wood will become very white while darker types of wood will become slightly brighter. The white stain does not look well on maple floors or walnut floors. Assuming that you are using the most appropriate sealer, you can stain all indoor or outdoor surfaces. The new Carver Primol Turbo Super White Wood Stain looks amazing when fully dry and will transform old and boring wooden surfaces into a modern and contemporary finish. 

Carver Primol Turbo Super White Wood Stain – How To Use It

Unless you are planning to stain new wooden surfaces, you should prepare yourself for sanding. You need to go through all grits to make sure that the surface is sealant free, evenly sanded and ready for staining. A wooden surface that will only get varnished/lacquered, will look perfect even if the sanding quality is not the best, but when you are staining the surface, any imperfection will be made more noticeable by the stain. So it is essential to start with grit 40, move to grit 60, then grit 80 & finish the wood with grit 100. If you are going over grit 100 you can sometimes make the surface too smooth and less absorbent and the wood surface might not absorb the stain right. 

Assuming that the wood was finished with 100 grit sandpaper and the surface is dustless and dry, you can start applying the wood stain. Stir the tin of wood stain to create an even colour. Put on a pair of gloves and you are ready for staining. Smaller surfaces of floor & furniture can be stained with a cloth or some rag. For larger floor surfaces you would be better off using a low speed floor buffer. Put the cloth in the stain and apply the wood stain evenly by pressing the cloth on the wood. Make sure to move along with the fibre of the wood to create an even colour. Areas that look brighter or darker can be rubbed a bit more until it looks perfect. You want to apply enough stain to change the colour of the wood without over soaking the surface. Remove any excess wood stain as you move along. While wet, the white might not be as visible but when the surface dries in full you will be able to really see the nordic finish. One coat will do the job but two coats of wood stain can be done. 

Carver Primol Turbo Super White Wood Stain – Coverage

The manufacturer estimates 20 to 30 sq meters of wood floor per 1L but the actual coverage area can vary depending on what type of wood floor you plan to stain and how you plan to apply it. Using a mechanical applicator (low speed floor buffer), you are likely to go well over 50-60 sq meters per 1L. Using a cloth, you will only achieve around 25-30 sq meters per 1L. More dense hardwood flooring is likely to absorb less wood stain while soft types of wood floors are likely to absorb more wood stain. You should budget for 30 sq meters per 1L if you are planning to purchase wood stains. 

Carver Primol Turbo Super White Wood Stain – Overcoating

You are using a wood stain to enhance and transform the look of your wooden floors or furniture. The wood stain has no protective qualities so a sealant has to be used to protect the colour and waterproof the surface. You can use a high traffic hard wax oil like the new Carver Greenol Traditional Floor Oil or you can seal the wood stain with a two pack floor lacquer from Carver. The ones that would be compatible with an oil based wood stain are Carver Omeg-Art Floor Lacquer, Carver Epsilon Floor Lacquer & Carver Matt Solvent Based Floor Lacquer. The wood stain is oil based and for a lacquer to be compatible with it, it has to be two pack. The hardener makes water based floor lacquers compatible with oil based wood stains. 

1 coat of wood stain & 1 coat of Carver Greenol Traditional Floor Oil

1 coat of wood stain & 2 coats of two pack floor lacquer (Carver ones)

Carver Primol Turbo Super White Wood Stain – Drying Times

The estimated drying time is between 2 to 4 hours as recommended by the manufacturer but the actual drying time can vary depending on a number of factors. The type of wood, the air humidity, outside temperature, ventilation, the way the stain was applied, how many coats of stain, etc. If you are staining an oak floor in a well ventilated area, with a floor buffer at 20C, your wood stain will be fully dry in less than 1 hour. But if you are staining pine floors, on a very cold day, with high humidity & no room ventilation, you should expect up to 4 hours drying times. If the stain is not fully dry, the lacquer or floor oil might not dry right. 

Carver Primol Turbo Super White Wood Stain – Safety

Staining a wooden floor is not a risky operation but there are a number of factors that can be hazardous. First of all you need to make sure that any spills or splashes on surfaces that are not supposed to be stained are cleaned immediately. While the wood stain is wet it is pretty easy to wipe accidental spills. Do not walk on the floor unless you are 100% sure that the surface is dry. Markings on semi wet wood stains can only be removed by sanding so you will need to re-sand the floor. Any cloth or rag used to stain narrow corners or edges has to be soaked in water and disposed of responsibility. Towel cloth impregnated with oil stains can easily ignite on their own. The static electricity that accumulates inside the cloth from the friction with the wood surface can spark and start a serious fire. Do not mix the wood stain with any other chemicals and keep the wood stain stored in a safe and cool place away from kids & pets.

Carver Primol Turbo Super White Wood Stain – Professional Use

While all our Carver Wood Care Products can be used by DIY users as well, we recommend these products to the professional floor sanding & floor refinishing industry. As a professional, you need to make sure that you work less, you cover more, you use very durable products and you pay a fair price for it. You cannot go wrong with the new range of Wood Care Products From Carver. Outstanding quality wood stains that will satisfy even the most demanding customers. You will achieve unique colours and you are guaranteed to save. We are happy to present our professional wood care products to any interested party.

Carver Primol Turbo Super White Wood Stain – Advice

When preparing for any kind of wood refinishing project you need to make sure that you have the right tools to be able to complete that particular project and enough materials to finish the job. The last thing you need is to be short of wood stain right at the end of your project. Always order a bit of extra wood stain to be sure that you have enough to finish the project and also to be able to touch up in the future. Using a professional wood stain is not hard at all but some common sense is required. If you are not sure about some stuff, call us or email us. We are here to work with you. Achieving professional results is not a job for professionals only.

Carver Primol Turbo Super White Wood Stain

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