Carver Primol Turbo Light Grey Wood Stain

Carver Primol Turbo Light Grey Wood Stain

Carver Primol Turbo Light Grey Wood Stain

The first question you should be asking yourself is how grey would you like your floors to be? The new Carver Primol Turbo Light Grey Wood Stain is a light grey wood stain that is slightly visible. If you are on the market for a strong tone grey wood stain, then this wood stain is not for you. But if you are looking for a hint of grey in the fibre of the wood, then you will really enjoy the new Carver Primol Turbo Light Grey Wood Stain. Because this professional wood stain is so light, it can only be visible on light types of wood fibres. If you are attempting to stain dark oak, cherry or walnut wood fibres, you won’t achieve any noticeable results. 

If you are happy with a very light grey wood stain, then just read this full article and follow step by step our recommendations and you will end up with amazing and unique results on any type of wood surface.

Carver Primol Turbo Light Grey Wood Stain – Oil Based

The new range of wood stains from Carver are all 100% oil based. Being oil based it means that it looks more natural, it penetrates deeper and it is much more workable than water based wood stains. The colours are very rich and uniform. It is very important to be fully aware that you are using an oil based wood stain. You can only use two pack water based floor lacquers (Carver Omeg-Art Floor Lacquer or Carver Epsilon Floor Lacquer), all solvent based floor lacquers & floor oil or hard wax oils (Carver Greenol Traditional Floor Oil). Single pack water based floor lacquers might not bond well with oil based wood stains. 

Carver Primol Turbo Light Grey Wood Stain – Estimated Coverage Area

If you are staining something small or a small bedroom floor, 1 tin of wood stain will be more than enough. But if you are planning to stain large wood floors or many pieces of furniture, then you need to budget well and make sure that you have enough wood stain to be able to finish the project. The manufacturer estimates that you will cover 20 to 30 sq meters of wood floor with 1L of wood stain but that information is informative only. The final coverage area can be much higher than that but it depends on a number of factors:

Sanding – if the surface was sanded with rough sandpaper and if it was not finished well, the wood fibre is likely to be very thirsty. But if the surface was sanded with all recommended grits and the final sanding was done with 100 grit sandpaper, then your coverage will increase dramatically.

Type Of Wood – some types of softwoods are likely to absorb twice as much wood stain than hardwood floors or furniture. So if you are planning to stain pine floors or furniture, you should expect to use much more wood stain than if you are planning to stain oak floors. The harder the wood fibre, the less stain it is likely to absorb.

Application System – if you are using a cloth or some kind of manual applicator, you are likely to use too much wood stain. The pressure applied is not even and you will apply more stain than required. But if you are using a low speed floor buffer to stain a large floor area, you will notice that a tiny amount of wood stain will cover a lot of floor. A professional floor refinishing company can cover up to 70 sq meters of floor with 1L of Carver Primol Turbo Light Grey Wood Stain

Manual Application – about 30 sq meters per 1L

Mechanical Application – 40 to 70 sq meters per 1L

Carver Primol Turbo Light Grey Wood Stain – Where to use

The new Carver Primol Turbo Light Grey Wood Stain is a deep penetrating wood stain that can be used on all types of indoor and outdoor wooden surfaces. The only requirement is that the wooden surface is dry, sealant free and spotless. You can use this amazing wood stain to enhance wood floors, stair cases, doors, frames, furniture, handles, wood profiles, toys, statues, etc. When used on outdoor furniture or fences please make sure that a sealer suitable for outdoor use is used to overcoat the wood stain. 

Carver Primol Turbo Light Grey Wood Stain – How to use

To be able to change the colour of your wooden floor or to create unique colours, you need to make sure that all pre-existing finishes were removed in full and the wood fibre is open. If you are applying wood stain over a pre-existing sealer, the wood stain won’t be able to penetrate and it will not dry. Even if some types of wood furniture or wood floors might look sealant free, you shouldn’t assume that the surface is unsealed. 

Sanding & Preparation : start with 40 grit sandpaper, sand the surface until it looks evenly sanded and sealant free. Alway sand the wood going along the fibre of the wood not against it. The 40 grit sandpaper is pretty aggressive so you will need to re-sand the whole area with 60 grit sandpaper to remove scratches done by 40 grit sandpaper, then use 80 grit sandpaper to remove scratches and imperfections created by 60 grit sandpaper & finish the surface with 100 grit sandpaper. There is no need to go any smoother than 100 grit sandpaper to avoid creating a super smooth finish that won’t absorb the wood stain evenly. When done with the sanding, vacuum the whole area a number of times to make sure that all the fine dust is gone. Now you need to prepare for staining. You can apply the wood stain manually with some type of cloth or applicator, or you can use a low speed floor buffer if you are planning to stain a large wood floor.

Put on a pair of gloves, shake the wood stain tin to make sure that the colour is even and mixed up well & prepare for staining. Use a small cloth around the skirting boards and around the narrow areas. Make sure not to touch painted surfaces or any items that are not supposed to get stained. Rub the cloth against the wooden surface until the colour looks even and the wood seems fully stained. Darker or brighter patches can be sorted out by removing some of the wood stain or adding a bit more wood stain. Do not walk on the stained area and allow the surface to dry for 2-4 hours before sealing it. 

Carver Primol Turbo Light Grey Wood Stain – Overcoating

You need to be fully aware that the wood stain does not provide any protection against traffic & humidity. The wood stain is only a colour and it requires overcoating with a sealer. You can use a two pack water based floor lacquer from Carver, any solvent based floor lacquer or a floor oil. It is entirely up to you what sealer you pick. 

Oiling – about 2-4 hours later the wood stain is fully dry and dry and ready for sealing. The drying times can vary depending on the type of wood, the way the stain was applied, ventilation, humidity & temperature. But you should be able to touch the surface with your hands and if the wood stain does not mark when touched, it is dry. The perfect floor oil for Carver Primol Turbo Light Grey Wood Stain is Carver Greenol Traditional Floor Oil. This product can be applied in one coat only. Repeat the same process as you did when you have applied the wood stain. The only difference is that the floor oil will require 24 hours drying time before the area can be safely used. Two coats can be done without any problem but are not necessary. 

Varnishing – mix up the hardener with the lacquer and allow 10 min to rest before applying it to the floor. Using a small brush apply the floor lacquer around narrow corners, edges and around the skirting boards. For the larger area please use a varnishing roller. Apply enough floor lacquer to create an even wet surface without over soaking the wood. After about 2-4 hours (it can vary), re sand the whole area with very fine sanding paper to remove imperfections and rough patches. Vacuum the whole area again and apply the second coat. You can apply up to 4 coats of floor lacquer.

***do not re-sand the wood surface after staining it. First apply one coat of floor lacquer & then re-sand. If you sand up the stain you will remove the colour and you will create uneven colours & patches***

Carver Primol Turbo Light Grey Wood Stain – Safety

Staining a wooden floor is not a high risk job but accidents can happen if the process is not respected. The cloth used to stain the wood floor has to be soaked in water after it was used. The static energy that accumulates inside the cloth and the wood stain can sometimes ignite and start fires. Wear gloves to prevent staining your hands and work in well ventilated areas. Do not mix up Carver wood stains with any other brand of wood stains to avoid reactions. Pre-test small areas to make sure that you are happy with the colours before proceeding on larger surfaces. 

You are just about to use one of the most widely used and highly recommended wood stains in the EU. Is entirely up to you if the project ends up looking outstanding or a total disaster. If you are not sure about anything during the process, please call us or email us. We are here to help you out and work with you.

Carver Primol Turbo Light Grey Wood Stain

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