Carver Omeg-Art Floor Lacquer Review

arver Omeg-Art Floor Lacquer Review

Carver Omeg-Art Floor Lacquer Review

Unless properly cared for, wood floors will gradually deteriorate. Sure, they are some of the most sturdy flooring options, but their longevity is directly tied to the maintenance that is carried out on them. Take the routine cleaning for instance. Procrastinating the cleaning and ignoring those gritty dirt particles that are building up on the surface will put the structural integrity of the installation at risk, given that the particles will abrade the surface of the floor when people walk on it. Spills too are a concern. They cause different kinds of problems. For starters, the spill alone causes there to be a steep moisture gradient with the wood tissue, and when the excess moisture is absorbed it can lead to water damage – especially for the spills that are allowed to remain on the floor for long. Depending on the chemical makeup of the liquid that has been spilled onto the floor, there can also be corrosive effects that ruin the finish and damage the wood tissue. Then there is the unsightly stain that is formed, which if allowed to set into the surface will become more difficult to remove. Sunlight that can cause discoloration of the floor, scratches be they from pets running around the premises or furniture that is dragged across the floor surface – they all pose a threat to your wood floor. Add kids’ toys to this, especially the toy cars and trains that use the floor as their highways and train tracks respectively. It may appear harmless, but this actually contributes to the scratches that are formed. The higher the amount of traffic witnessed by the floor, the greater the risk involved. Floor finishes come in to provide a barrier of protection – which is what you get from the Carver Omeg-Art Floor Lacquer. Let’s delve into the value that you stand to obtain from this product. 

Benefits Of The Carver Omeg-Art Floor Lacquer

  1. High resistance formulation

This two-component formulation comes with enhanced abrasion resistance, enabling it to be used for the protection of wood or cork floors which come under high levels of traffic and wear effects. This enables the floor installation to stand up to the shocks, chemicals, friction from footfall, as well as other kinds of abrasion that are witnessed on a day-to-day basis. 

  1. Retains the wood colour

Aesthetics are a core part of the floor treatment process, where you want to work with products that enable you to meet your style preferences. With this lacquer under review, you get to maintain that natural colour of the wood floor, in line with your decor needs. That way the appeal that drew you to have the wood floor installed in your residential or commercial premises will not be altered. The final gloss effect will depend on the particular product selected between the Carver Omeg-Art Semi-Gloss, Satin, Matt and Natural-Effect Floor Lacquer options. 

  • For those who want a colour change such as the effect that you obtain when using a solvent-based varnish, you can achieve this by treating the floor with the RAFFELLO water-based primer followed by applying 1-2 Carver Omeg-Art Floor Lacquer coats. 
  • In case you want the colour toning route, then you start with applying a coat of the FONDO K2 07 solvent-based sealer (also from the same brand), then give it at least 6 hours before sanding with a 180-220 grit sandpaper. Note that this is light sanding aimed at just smoothening the surface, so you shouldn’t go breaking through to the bare wood. Remove the dust and apply 1 coat of the preferred Carver Omeg-Art Floor Lacquer: Semi-Gloss, Satin or Matt. Note that this coat should have been applied within 48 hours after the sealer was used. 
  1. Protection from slipping

The Carver Omeg-Art Floor Lacquer meets UNI EN 13036-4:2004 standards with regards to slipperiness. With more traction as you walk about, the risk of slips and falls are minimised. In fact, it’s so effective in providing traction that the formulation is used for treating gymnasium parquet floors. 

  1. Safe floor treatment 

You don’t want your family members or the employees and customers in your business premises being exposed to toxic agents. Fortunately, with the Carver Omeg-Art Floor Lacquer, that will not be a concern. It delivers the desired floor production without using agents like N-Methyl-2-pyrrolidone and N-Ethylpyrrolidone, making it a safer alternative compared to other products in the market.

  1. Easy to work with 

You can apply the Carver Omeg-Art Floor Lacquer onto the target floor with a brush, spray, roller or even a curtain coater. Follow these steps to treat your floor:

1. Start by shaking the lacquer in its bottle. This is key to dissolve the solids which may have gradually settled within the container, and evenly distribute the components in the formulation. 

  • Pour the lacquer into the container that you will use to hold the product being spread onto the floor.
  • Add IDRO2 hardener to the formulation. Do this by pouring it slowly into the container and mixing it well. Ensure that the hardener has dissolved completely. Give it 15 minutes, and it will be ready. There will be a small increase in the viscosity of the mixture, and this is normal. 
  • Spread a generous amount of the product onto the floor. 
  • For the rapid water cycle, the Carver Omeg-Art Floor Lacquer is used with the FAST water-based primer from the same brand. 
  • For application where the colour of the wood is retained, primers like the FONDO 300, AQUAHIT MAT or EPSILON MAT are used, followed by 1-2 coats of the Carver Omeg-Art Floor Lacquer
  • When treating light-coloured wood, use 2 coats of the Carver Omeg-Art NATURAL EFFECT Floor Lacquer, then finish it with one coat of any of the other versions of the product. 

Note that before application, the wood floor should have acclimated to the surrounding environment. Ideal ranges for the treatment process are 15°C to 35°C for the temperature, and 35% to 75% for the humidity. 

Carver Omeg-Art Floor Lacquer Review

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