Caring For Your Wood Floors With The Bona Traffic HD

Caring For Your Wood Floors With The Bona Traffic HD

Caring For Your Wood Floors With The Bona Traffic HD

Wood floor damage is caused by a myriad of factors. Top on the list is the dirt and debris that piles up on the surface. This ranges from the soiling that is tracked into the building from the outdoors, to everyday dust that gradually accumulates on the floor. As these particles increase, so does their abrasive potential. They are grinded against the underlying floor, acting like tiny bits of sandpaper that wear down the installation. Without the application of a protective finish, as well as routine cleaning, this abrasive effect will be more pronounced, taking away the beauty of the floor. 

Spills are a concern as well. For starters, they cause there to be a steep moisture gradient, and given that wood is hygroscopic, the wood tissue absorbs the excess liquid. This can lead to different types of water damage depending on the level of effect, from cupping or crowning to warping and buckling. The spills also leave behind unsightly stains, which drag down the decor. Finish products like the Bona Traffic HD come in to increase the resistance of the floor to these incidents, also buying you more time to clean up the spills. Sunlight also has an effect. Here, the effect of solar radiation on the wood tissue can cause it to fade or darken depending on the type of wood species involved. The finish products used are also affected, since oil-based polyurethanes have a tendency of yellowing over time. This is a factor that has also contributed to the increased adoption of water based lacquers like the Bona Traffic HD. Let’s break down what you can expect from this formulation. 

Value Of Treating Your Floor with The Bona Traffic HD

  • Superior durability for your floor

The main goal of using floor finishes is to increase the floor’s abrasion resistance, to enable it to withstand the levels of traffic that it handles. The enhanced durability that comes with the Bona Traffic HD makes it a leading choice for high traffic environments. It provides this while still enhancing the beauty of the floor. Speaking of which, you can get the Bona Traffic HD in your preferred version – Silk Matt, Matt and ExtraMatt, which will determine the level of sheen obtained when you finish the floor with the product. In addition, this is a non-yellowing formulation, a key consideration given that you don’t want the floor changing colour over time due to the effects of sunlight.

  • Safe application

When the personnel are spreading the Bona Traffic HD onto the floor, you don’t want them being exposed to toxic agents. The occupants of the building also should not have to keep worrying about inhaling harmful fumes. One of the common problems associated with solvent based cleaners is the high VOC quantities that they add to the indoor space, and these are circulated in the environment for weeks, increasing the irks that the occupants are exposed to. You won’t have to worry about that with the water based Bona Traffic HD. It comes with very low VOC content at under 5%, with a maximum of 52g per litter including when it has been mixed with the hardener.

In fact, the Bona Traffic HD is so safe that it is recommended for use in schools and nurseries, coming with GREENGUARD Gold certification. This is independent testing carried out by UL, that looks at just how much VOCs like formaldehyde are emitted by products ranging from wall paint, mattresses, electronics, to floor care solutions like the Bona Traffic HD that’s under review. The facility has over 100 chambers where the different items are placed, with the chemical analysis looking at even 300 different types of chemicals that could be coming out of the products. The certification process takes between 1 to 6 months, and once a product passes and gets the label, subsequent tests are carried out annually to ensure that the products to be released later adhere to the standard. While the GREENGUARD certification already means that the product in question has met standards for low emissions, the GREENGUARD Gold that the Bona Traffic HD has obtained shows that there are even lower quantities, with the stricter requirements here being applied for formulations that will be used in areas like schools, since the smaller sizes of the kids make them inhale more air per body weight, meaning that they would be more susceptible to problems with the indoor air quality. 

The Bona Traffic HD has also EC1PLUS classification for very low indoor emissions, and this is actually one of the strictest industry standards used when assessing levels of emissions.

  • Reduced downtime

One of the benefits of using this waterborne lacquer is the very fast drying time compared to its competitors in the market. Normal traffic on floors treated with the Bona Traffic HD can resume within just 12 hours. This minimises disruption to your business premises, and also contributes to why it is one of the leading finishing agents used in establishments like restaurants, hotels and airports where you want a product that can handle high traffic, yet dry fast when the maintenance measures are carried out. 

  • More bang for your buck

The attributes of the Bona Traffic HD enable it to reduce the amount of money you spend on floor maintenance. Firstly, the enhanced durability preserves the structural integrity of the underlying flooring. Secondly, you get to prolong the period between major renovations by carrying out quick overcoating when the surface begins wearing down – which will also take long to occur. The affordable pricing of the Bona Traffic HD, coming from a leading brand that has invested heavily in quality systems and processes that enable it to deliver effective solutions at a cost-effective manner, passing over the savings to the clients through budget-friendly price tags, means that you will already be spending less right off the bat. Moreover, the Bona Traffic HD has a wide coverage rate, coming in at 8-10m² per litre, meaning each unit purchased gets to be used on a large floor area.

Caring For Your Wood Floors With The Bona Traffic HD

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