Bringing The Charm To Your Wood Floor With Bona Craft Oil 2k

Bringing The Charm To Your Wood Floor With Bona Craft Oil 2k

Bringing The Charm To Your Wood Floor With Bona Craft Oil 2k

That gorgeous wood floor you’ve had installed in your premises needs to be protected. Yes, wood is actually one of the most durable flooring options – which is even why it is a top choice for high traffic establishments where it can handle the load and still retain its structural integrity. However, this does not mean that it is invincible. When left unprotected it will wear down and lose its appeal, reducing the life of the installation. There are different threats that the wood floor faces, including:

  • Abrasive effects from pets, foot traffic and even furniture. For instance, as people walk on the floor there is friction generated between the soles of their shoes and the floor surface. These wear effects are what cause those frequently walked on areas to form traffic lanes – sections that are more faded compared to those adjacent areas. The abrasive effects are greatest when there is dirt on the surface, since the tiny gritty particles act like sandpaper, accelerating the wear that is witnessed. 
  • With the pets, one of the main concerns is the scratches that they form. Those sharp claws of the cats or dogs dig scratches into the floor, especially when your furry friends are running around. With the furniture, even the normal day-to-day use of your favourite sofa sets causes minuscule movements that slowly affect the floor. The wear effects are magnified when a subpar finishing job is carried out. The treatment products used should be of a high quality, and the right procedure followed during the application to protect the installation. 
  • Staining, and this can be caused by anything from liquid spills on the floor, food stains, to issues like pet urine accidents. Even water that is left on the floor for too long will leave behind a mark. Ink blots, coffee, tea and other beverages that accidentally get spilled onto the surface, nail polish drops that land on the floor during those rushed morning preparation routines, kids spilling their juices and yoghurts, to pets losing control of their bladder – these can all negatively affect the floor. Stain protection is an integral component of protective finishes like the Bona Craft Oil 2k that we’ll look at here, as well as ensuring that you attend to the stains as soon as possible. 
  • Effects of solar radiation, which is mainly fading or darkening, depending on the type of wood. The different wood species have varying kinds of photosensitivity, with the exposure to light causing varying changes to the installation. High quality finishes help in delaying the process, and additional measures like having blinds to limit sun exposure can come in handy as well. 
  • Peeling finish, where this is mainly due to improper application. As you will see with the Bona Craft Oil 2k, there are strict steps that should be followed during the treatment process. This cuts across the board with all floor finishes. Issues like rushing the drying when applying multiple coats, or even failing to carry out a thorough sanding before the floor finish is applied – these oversights will be detrimental to your wood floor. 
  • Water damage is one of the major dangers affecting wood floors. This is attributed to the hygroscopic nature of wood. Here, the wood tissue absorbs or loses moisture depending on the gradient with its surrounding – which is why it is imperative to ensure that the floor boards have acclimated to the end-use environment before the actual installation. When there are spills, a significant amount of the liquid can be absorbed by the wood, as well as cases where one is mopping the floor with excess water. Add this to issues like high humidity, and flooding incidents, it is important to put in measures to protect the wood from water damage, which is why water resistance is a key feature of formulations like the Bona Craft Oil 2k. In this review, we will go over what you can expect from the product.

Formulated to Protect Your Wood Floor

Here are attributes you can look forward to with the Bona Craft Oil 2k:

  • Performance and Aesthetics

These are the two main priorities when looking for an oil treatment for your wood floor. You want it to be protected from the daily wear and tear to preserve its structural integrity for longer, and look good all through. The Bona Craft Oil 2k comes on board as a formulation that proves enhanced durability, from its strength attributes to the resistance to water and stains. The product is particularly suitable to areas that handle medium levels of traffic. Bona Craft Oil 2k is based on modified vegetable oils, and works with an isocyanate hardener to deliver its performance. The high oil content of the formulation ensures that you have a high degree of saturation, getting optimal value from the lacquer. 

When it comes to the beauty, you get to bring that charming look of oiled floors to your installation without having to worry about toxic solvents affecting the health of those in the premises. You can get it in 9 different colour versions, depending on the aesthetic needs of your premises, and the final look of the Bona Craft Oil 2k treatment can further be customised by incorporating products like Mixcolour or Bona Tones. More on this shortly. 

Want the aesthetic charm of Bona Craft Oil 2k on a floor that is exposed to extreme wear? These are the likes of restaurants, airports and busy public spaces. Don’t fret. You can overcoat the formulation with Bona Traffic HD to add to the protective attributes, while still benefiting from the appeal of the oil treatment. 

When overcoating the floor with any Bona Traffic lacquer, start by applying one coat of the Bona Craft Oil 2k with the standard procedure that we will cover below, give it a minimum of 8 hours drying time (12 hours for the coloured oils), then vacuum the surface. Mix the Bona Traffic or Traffic HD lacquer with the accompanying hardener and use a roller to spread 2 layers of the formulation on the surface. There will be light intermediate sanding carried out, and you can work with a Bona Scrad Pad for that. 

Blemishes can result when one uses worn out sanding pads or abrasive screens when sanding the floor surface in between the consecutive layers – so be sure to use equipment that is in good condition. When such scratches are formed, you will need to sand through the initial later and repeat the process.

  • Part Of Bona Oil System

Bona Craft Oil 2k is part of a system of formulations and tools that have been developed to enable you to bring out a unique look to your floor. From a minimalist effect, a contemporary look, to classic tones on the surface, the customisable oils enable you to achieve your particular style. Bring out your creativity to craft the optimal surface you desire, using the Bona Craft Oil 2k on its own – with the preferred colouration, or mixing it with Bona Tone, and even cases where you can overcoat it with lacquers from the Bona Traffic line. The combinations you choose will affect the tone, texture and gloss level of the final result. 

A Scandinavian light looks to dark two-tone contrasts, working with Bona Brush Technology that removes that soft wood tissue and adds depth and texture to the floor for an organic touch, achieving a high gloss surface or subtle lustre – customising your floor to your individual taste and style preferences. Base colours with the Bona Craft Oils range from invisible and light grey to frost, umbra, graphite, clay and even neutral. You can blend these colours with a 1:1 ratio, such as going with a Neutral/Frost look, or Umbra/Graphite. Mixing and matching with Bona Nordic Tone or Bona Rich Tone further allows you to set up your unique shade or character – like using Bona Nordic Tone with the Graphite Bona Craft Oil 2k.

A hard-wearing surface can also be achieved by top coating the Bona Craft Oil 2k with Bona Hard Wax Oil, to retain that resultant look for longer. Here, first apply one coat of the Craft Oil 2k onto the floor, or even two if the wood species is especially absorbent, then use cloths to remove the surplus material. Give it the 8 hours drying time – or even more in case you’re working on a tropical wood species, or temperatures are low. Rub the surface using a paper cloth or cotton cloth to check if it is dry enough. If there are pigments then the surface is yet to dry. Only proceed after ensuring that the floor is fully dry, where you vacuum the surface then apply two coats of the Bona Hardwax Oil, with light intermediate sanding in order to remove any grain raise. For the mid-abrasion use a grit 150 abrasive, preferably with Bona Scrad System.

  • Prolong the beauty of your floor

You can use the Bona Craft Oil 2k to bring the protective attributes to a wide range of wood species – even those that would otherwise prove to be tricky, like cherry, smoked oak, steamed beech, and walnut floor installations. 

The Bona Craft Oil 2k itself is a high-performance formulation, with enhanced saturation properties. The strengthened wear resistance attributes are from the modified plant-based oil that keeps the underlying structure protected while reducing the frequency of future maintenance tasks. With the water and stain resistance, your wood floor’s structural integrity is protected, while also buying you time to deal with the spills that will be formed on the surface. Moreover, you can carry out spot repairs whenever needed, without having to undertake a complete overhaul. 

Want to bring the charm and appeal of the Bona Craft Oil 2k to a high traffic establishment? While this formulation particularly targets the light to medium wear environments, you can still use it on busy premises where the floors are exposed to heavy wear by treating the surface with the Bona Craft Oil 2k and overcoating it with the ideal lacquer from the Bona Traffic line for the extra protection.

  • Sustainable formulation

Like other products from the brand, Bona Craft Oil 2k has been formulated with an emphasis on minimising environmental impact and preserving the indoor air quality. This is as it has been developed from modified plant-based oil, and comes with every low VOC levels – at a maximum of 19g/litre including when mixed with the hardener. In fact, it’s so safe and low in odours that it can be used on children’s toys, complying with EN 71-3 standards. This combination of high oil and minimal solvent content also comes in handy in improving the degree of saturation when on the treated floor. The Bona Craft Oil 2k is also cobalt and MEKO free.

  • Economical floor care

While you want to protect your wood floor, you don’t want to have to break the bank to do it. As such, you want an affordable floor finishing agent that delivers the desired level of care and beauty, while still going easy on your budget. You get that with the Bona Craft Oil 2k. Bona’s extensive investments in its research processes and industrial facilities have enabled the brand to achieve a massive production scale that lowers the cost of each individual unit at the retail level. This means that, right off the bat, you’re getting a pocket-friendly deal. Moreover, Bona Craft Oil 2k itself has a wide coverage rate, with each litre of product getting to be used on an approximate 30 m² of floor surface – the specific number will depend on the particular wood species being dealt with, especially with regards to its absorbency. Given the enhanced durability that you get with the formulation, the amount of costs that go into the future floor renovation processes is also reduced, bringing you more savings in the long run. 

Working With The Bona Craft Oil 2k

The specific approach you use for the treatment will depend on the desired result. For instance, you can use Bona Craft Oil 2k alone for the areas with moderate to high levels of traffic, especially when you’ve already settled on the particular colour variation you want out of the different alternatives that are available. 

You can also choose to change things up with the colour and tone, using 1 layer of Bona Tone, 1 layer of Bona Craft Oil 2k, followed by 2 layers of Bona Hardwax Oil. 

For the cases where you’re dealing with a floor installation that is exposed to heavy wear – like those busy commercial premises, then 1 coat of Bona Craft Oil 2k is applied, followed by 2 coats of the ideal lacquer from the Bona Traffic line, since the treatment is compatible with the latter formulations that have been specifically developed for the very high traffic areas. 

Follow these steps for the application:

1. Sand the floor, to remove the existing finishes that are on it. The oil treatment needs to be done on the bare wood itself. Any waxes or dirt smudges should also be removed. Issues like gaps should also be resolved at this stage, where the appropriate filler products are used. 

Note that scratches that are left behind during the floor sanding stage will become glaring anomalies once the floor treatment process is completed, thus the need to ensure that the right sanding processes have been observed, including following the proper grit sequence.

2. Mix the Bona Craft Oil 2k and accompanying hardener. 

3. With a Bona Oil Squeegee, short-haired roller or even a stainless-steel trowel, spread a thin coat of the oil over the floor. For the large areas it’s recommended that you divide them up into sections that you can work on at a time, overlapping them while still wet. 

4. Allow a 15–30-minute period for the wood tissue to absorb the oil. 

5. Buff the surface. Use a buffing machine that has a red or beige pad. 

6. Evenly distribute more oil onto the floor, spreading it to ensure that it has become saturated. 

7. Give another 15–30-minute period. 

8. Fit cotton cloths under the buffing machine and use this to remove the surplus oil that is on the surface. 

9. Allow the floor to dry. This will take at least 8 hours when temperatures are 23°C and the relative humidity 50%. Tropical wood species will take a longer time. For the coloured Bona Craft Oil 2k variations, the drying time provided should be at least 12 hours. After this, light traffic can be allowed onto the area. 

Wait for 12-24 hours before furnishing the room, and a day or two before carrying out any wet cleaning processes on it. For coverings like carpets, allow 1 week after the application before placing them on the surface. 

Extra tips: 

i. Water popping can be carried out to yield a final colouration that’s more intense and uniform. Here, after the floor has been sanded and cleaned, some water is applied thinly onto the surface – using equipment like a sponge or even a short-haired roller – after which the floor is left overnight to dry, then the Bona Craft Oil 2k can be applied the following day. 

ii. In case the floor has large gaps – or they are simply too many to fill, then you can pour the oil/hardener mixture into a tray, then use a roller to apply it from the tray. 


You want the treated floor to retain its beauty for a long. Dirt and grime will be a threat to that – so routine cleaning will be required. Note that the formulations used should be particularly suitable for wood floors, not going working with the conventional detergents on the floor. With this treatment, you can carry out the cleaning using a solution of Bona Oil Soap and clean water. Remember that the mop should be wrung out so that it is just slightly damp, since wood floors shouldn’t be drenched in water. Working with tools like the Bona Oiled Floor Spray Mop gives you more control over the amount of solution that goes to the floor due to their particular spray functionality. 

The Bona Oil Soap is a slightly alkaline formulation, and comes concentrated. This means that it will need to be diluted before use, where 100ml of Bona Oil Soap is mixed with 5 litres of water. Remember to shake the container well before use, and also vacuum the surface to remove that loose debris that is on the surface. Clean along the grain, and the tools you use will depend on your particular situation. You can work with a lint-free cloth, Bona floor mops, or even a buffing machine with a green pad. The thin film left behind on the surface by the Bona Oil Soap is to enable you to gloss up the floor for a shinier result – where you can achieve this by setting your buffing machine to 300 revs/minute and working on the surface – but this time with a red or white pad. 

When it comes to the periodic maintenance, this will depend on the level of wear that is witnessed. A key benefit of the Bona Craft Oil 2k is that you can easily touch up the surface without having to sand it down each time you want to restore a new look. Products like the Bona Oil Care are used here. This is a quick-drying maintenance oil that will replenish the floor and continue providing long lasting protection. Before you treat the surface with it, first carry out a thorough cleaning using the Bona Oil Soap. Follow these steps for the application:

1. Allow the Bona Oil Care to reach room temperature, then shake it well in its container. Note that the minimum temperature for treating your floor with this formulation is 16°C.

2. Spread the product on the flooring in a thin coat. You can use a Bona Microfiber Applicator Pad or work with a Bona Microfiber Cleaning Pad that has been fitted onto a buffing machine.

Remove the excess oil using a clean cotton cloth (lint-free), then allow it to dry. 

The frequency with which the floor will be maintained is dependent on the levels of traffic and wear witnessed. For domestic environments, this can be once every 3 years, while in commercial establishments this can be done several times a year. Applying the Bona Oil Care frequency will ensure the wood pores will remain saturated, preventing the dirt and moisture from getting into them.

Points To Note When Using The Bona Craft Oil 2k

  • The Floor

– It should have acclimated to the environment. This is a basic requirement before any kind of floor treatment is applied onto it, where the planks are allowed to get into equilibrium with the end-use environment. 

– Ensure that the floor has been properly sanded, since blemishes on the surface will affect the final look. The dusting after the floor sanding should also be thorough to ensure that no particles are trapped under the finish coats being applied. 

  • Environmental Conditions

The temperature and humidity conditions will affect the drying and curing processes of the Bona Craft Oil 2k. When it’s hot with low humidity, then the drying will be faster, while the inverse (low temperatures and high humidity) will slow down the drying. Ideal conditions for the treatment process are a 20-25°C temperature and 30-50% for the relative air humidity. The minimum temperature below which the oil should not be applied is 16°C.

  • The Oil

Allow the Bona Craft Oil 2k to reach room temperature before using it. 

  • Personal Safety

During application, it is recommended that you wear rubber gloves, safety gloves, and also disposable boots. 

Deeper Look Into Bona

When sourcing for floor treatment products, the brand behind the formulations you choose is a key determinant in the level of quality you get. After all, there are loads of options in the market, with each claiming to be the best – but are they really? One clear way of distinguishing the companies that actually walk the talk is by looking at their track record. How long has the company been in the business of providing floor care solutions? What is the scope of their reach, and the level of trust that the consumers have in the particular brand? Going through the reviews and testimonials from consumers who have handled the products will give you a pointer to the level of quality that you can expect. With Bona having been around for more than a century now, there is plenty of history to dig through. 

Bona’s story starts in 1919 when it was founded by Wilhelm Edner. He initially ran a grocery shop located in Malmö, Sweden. While his favourite product was actually coffee, he also retailed bonvax. This was an agent that – once applied to wood floors- gave them a polished effect while setting a protective finish. Edner chose to focus more on this, establishing Bona AB in that year. Over the next decades, the company footprint in the floor care industry increased tremendously, and it is now present in 90 countries around the world through subsidiaries and distributors, with a whole range of products targeting installers, craftsmen, home and commercial premises owners, to contractors like professional cleaning companies.

Sustainability is core to Bona products and processes, and you can expect that with the Bona Craft Oil 2K as well. Over the course of the 100 years of its existence, the brand has invested heavily in delivering sustainable products. For instance, it introduced waterborne finishes into the industry in 1979, which were a safer alternative compared to the conventional solvent-based products that released toxic fumes into the indoor space. These finishes are some of the most popular in the industry today. Bona also introduced products based on renewable raw materials with the 1995 advent of the first generation of Bona Mega that was based on cross-linking vegetable oils. This resulted in a product that delivers high performance while having a low impact on the environment. Air quality is a key factor as well, with the products from Bona undergoing stringent testing to ensure that there is a drastically reduced level of Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) that are released into the indoor space. The brand goal is to push for healthier indoor environments, as is seen with the development of machines like the dust containment systems that are used to ensure that the dust generated from floor sanding processes have been safely eliminated.

By opting for the Bona Craft Oil 2K for your floor care, you will be relying on a brand that has proven itself to be an industry leader, delivering quality products that consumers can rely on. The 3.1 billion SEK in sales that the company generated in 2020 alone is testament to the huge demand for their products, and it continues to invest in R&D processes to deliver more innovative solutions to cater to the diverse floor care needs.

Extra Measures to Protect your Floor

Deal with spills as soon as you can. Sure, the Bona Craft Oil 2k adds to the water resistance of the floor, but this does not mean that you leave water pools around on the floor. Mopping up spills is part of the measures needed to protect against water damage. Speaking of which, regulating the indoor conditions – such as ensuring that there is proper ventilation especially during the hot, humid months is part of protecting your floor. 

Getting a welcome mat for the premises can greatly help in reducing the amount of damage the wood floors are exposed to, since they trap most of the dirt and debris that would have otherwise got tracked into the rest of the indoor space. Also, if you’re setting up area rugs in the rooms, it’s recommended that you use rug pads that will keep the rugs in one place. This is to prevent them from sliding around on the floor. Getting furniture pads especially for those heavy sets will further protect the underlying floor from the wear effects that would have resulted with the normal usage of the furniture items. 

Bringing The Charm To Your Wood Floor With Bona Craft Oil 2k

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