Bona Wood Cleaner

Bona Wood Cleaner

Bona Wood Cleaner

A wooden floor will look cleaner, shinier and last for generations if it is cleaned and maintained with proper wood floor cleaners. Bona Wood Cleaner is the ideal floor cleaner for varnished and lacquered wooden floors. Bona Wood Cleaner is 100% neutral, it will clean to a streak free finish and it is ready to use (no dilution required). Unlike other types of wood floor cleaners, Bona Wood Cleaner is food safe and safe to use around asthmatics, kids and pets.

Bona Wood Cleaner – Neutral PH

You want to deep clean and maintain your floor properly but you also want to do it with 100% eco neutral floor cleaning products that will not affect the sheen and will not crack the finish. A floor maintained with Bona Wood Cleaner is more radiant, more water resistant and looks richer. A floor maintained with Bona Wood Cleaner will take longer to stain and it will not be affected by UV rays. A wooden floor cleaned with Bona Wood Cleaner will dry streak free and spotless. 

Bona Wood Cleaner – RTU (ready to use)

Mixing wood floor cleaner or any type of cleaning product to the required dilution ratio can sometimes be tricky, if the correct ratio is not achieved the product will not perform as it should. It is for this reason that Bona Wood Cleaner is sold RTU (ready to use), it does not require dilution. Just spray the product all over the floor and scrub the floor with a flat mopping system and one of Bona`s microfiber flat mop heads. The product contains no water so there is no chance of water damage. 

Bona Wood Cleaner – Streak Free

Anyone can wash and maintain a wooden floor but not anyone can achieve a spotless streak free result. Bona Wood Cleaner is well known for its amazing floor cleaning qualities and its streak free finish. The product will be absorbed by the wood in a matter of seconds and the excess will just dry on its own. Bona Wood Cleaner creates a special natural sheen even on dull and worn wooden surfaces.

Bona Wood Cleaner – Where To Use

Bona Wood Cleaner can be used to clean any type of wooden surface that was sealed with a water based floor lacquer or a solvent based sealer. Bona Wood Cleaner will react with dirt and it will help extract and exfoliate all types of impregnated dirt from wood. This product is safe and highly recommended for cleaning even fancy antique furniture and picture frames. Highly effective wood floor cleaner and wood surface maintainer from Bona .

Bona Wood Cleaner – Commercial & Domestic

Bona Wood Cleaner is the ideal wood floor cleaner for commercial and domestic wooden surfaces. Achieve amazing results on your reception desks, reception floors, all types of frames, wooden floors, tables, etc. Just spray and wipe. Instant results guaranteed. Bona Wood Cleaner is Greenguard certified and safe to use in food preparation areas and areas where food is being served. Quick acting, unperfumed and suitable for all types of wood floor cleaning projects.

Bona Wood Cleaner – Cost Effective

Because Bona Wood Floor Cleaner enhances the finish of the wood, the surface will not stain and mark as fast and it will require less cleaning. You will not need to clean your wooden floors daily if you are maintaining your wooden floors with Bona Wood Cleaner. You will use less product, you will work less and you will achieve better results by using Bona Wood Cleaner. One spray should last for at least 30 days.

Bona Wood Cleaner – How To Use It

Vacuum the surface well or use a dusting pad to remove all dust particles and residue from the surface. Then spray the whole surface with Bona Wood Cleaner, allow 10 seconds of contact and then scrub the whole area with a microfiber cloth or a flat mopping system if you are cleaning a wooden floor. Repeat the operation if the floor still looks dirty after one quick wash. Remember, Bona Wood Cleaner is a wood surface maintainer not a deep cleaning solution. Use the product every second day to prevent the surface from getting very dirty and harder to clean.

Bona Wood Cleaner | Why Use It

Brand new wooden floors or wooden furniture could be easily damaged within a few days if harsh chemicals, acidic chemicals or bleach based chemicals are used to clean it. Be the smart one and maintain all your varnished wooden surfaces with Bona Wood Cleaner. A top quality wood floor cleaner designed to be good for the environment and good for your home as well. No other wood floor cleaning detergent can provide the same results as the new Bona Wood Cleaner. Order your wood cleaner today and receive it within 24 hours.

Bona Wood Cleaner – Do Not Waste Time

Do not use cheap and inefficient wooden cleaners. Do not damage your antique furniture or your newly restored wooden floors. Have your wooden surfaces maintained and enhanced with the world’s no 1 wood cleaner. Bona has been manufacturing professional wood cleaning products since 1919. 100 years of innovation and expertise resulting in top quality products. 

Bona Wood Cleaner – The Best Wood Floor Cleaner Ever

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