Bona Wood Care Products | Wood Floor Cleaners

Bona Wood Care Products | Wood Floor Cleaners

Bona Wood Care Products | Wood Floor Cleaners

Undoubtedly Bona is one of the most highly recommended and most widely used brands of wood care products all over the world. The brand is highly popular with commercial and residential users as well. Within the Bona brand you will be able to find pretty much any type of wood care, maintainer & wood refinishing product. What makes Bona Products so popular is the fact that all products are easy to use, eco-friendly and you do not need any training to polish or seal your own floors. But sometimes the Bona range of wood floor cleaning products can be confusing. There are a number of products that look and do pretty much the same thing, so for an untrained eye it can be easily confusing. In this article we will explain in detail what product should be used for what job and how to make a difference between all the Bona`s wood floor cleaners and maintainers.

Bona Wood Care Products | Wood Floor Cleaners | Cleaners

There are two types of wood floor cleaners you can buy from Bona, a number of deep cleaning products and a number of wood floor maintainers. Pretty much all heavy duty wood floor cleaners are highly concentrated and require dilution while all daily cleaning and maintenance products are ready to use. A deep wood floor cleaning product is a highly alkaline floor cleaning product suitable for once off deep cleaning jobs on wooden floors badly affected by traffic, grime, stains, etc. A deep cleaning detergent will help exfoliate the dirt and facilitate easy removal of all kinds of residue. A wood floor maintainer is a low PH floor cleaning detergent suitable for daily cleaning and maintenance of new or newly polished or refinished wooden floors. All wood floor maintainers from Bona are safe and will not negatively affect the finish of the floor. So the heavy duty floor cleaners are for once off cleaning projects (renovation, degreasing, restoration) while the wood floor maintainers are for “light daily maintenance”.

Bona Wood Care Products | Wood Floor Cleaners | Types Of Surfaces

Now that you understand the difference between heavy duty wood floor cleaners and the wood floor maintainers, you have to learn the difference between varnished floors and oiled floors. So a Bona wood floor cleaner or wood floor maintainer is usually compatible with an oiled wooden floor or a lacquered wood floor. Some of the heavy duty concentrated floor cleaners are compatible with both types of finishes but the maintainers are only compatible with one particular type of finish. If you have oiled floor and if you want to maintain it in top notch condition, you should buy :

  1. Bona Oiled Floor Spray Cleaner | A low PH, safe & ready to use oiled floor cleaner compatible with all oiled or waxed wooden floors. The product contains a blend of refreshers and restorers that will extend the life of your floor dramatically and will protect the sealer. This is a ready to use formula so no dilution is required.
  2. Bona Soap Cleaner | This is a highly concentrated soap compatible with all oiled floors. The product is only suitable for daily cleaning and maintenance projects. To be diluted in warm water before use and used in conjunction with a normal mop head. It cleans and refreshes the finish of the floor.
  3. Bona Oiled Floor Spray Mop | A full floor cleaning spray mop suitable for daily cleaning and maintenance of all kinds of oiled floors. This system is very light, very compact and very easy to use. The spray mop is fitted with a cartridge and a special triggering system. It sprays a fine mist of cleaning product right in the front of the microfiber flat mop head. The cartridge of Bona Oiled Floor Spray Mop contains 1 L of Bona Oiled Floor Cleaner. 

If your floors were sealed or polished with a solvent based or a water based floor lacquer or floor polish, you will need to use one of the below finishes to clean it and maintain it:

  1. Bona Wood Floor Cleaner | This world renowned wood floor cleaner is available in a spray bottle, a cartridge and a refill (2.5L or 4L). Bona Wood Floor Cleaner is one of the most popular wood floor cleaners ever because it safely removes all types of superficial dirt from floors and it leaves a natural streak free finish. The product is ready to use and PH neutral. Safe to use on all sensitive finishes.
  2. Bona Wood Floor Cleaning Kit | A flat mopping system that contains 1 L of Bona Wood Floor Cleaner Spray, a flat mopping system and a microfiber flat mop head. All you need to do is to spray the whole floor and then use the flat mopping system to scrub the floor. Easy to use, light, versatile & highly cost effective. Bona Wood Floor Cleaner contains no water so there is no way of damaging your wooden floors even if it spills on the floor and is not cleaned immediately. 
  3. Bona Wood Floor Spray Mop | The most advanced wood floor cleaning system from Bona. This highly effective wood floor spray mop reduces the need for using water, cotton mop heads and harsh chemicals. You just have to spray and wipe the floor. The cartridge that comes with this spray mop contains 1 L of Bona Wood Floor Cleaner. The microfiber mop head is washable and reusable. Have fun cleaning your floors with the new Bona Wood Floor Spray Mop.

Some of the Bona Wood Care Products are compatible with both oiled and varnished wooden floors. So if you have both types of floors and if you are looking for a product to clean both floors, try one of the products described below:

  1. Bona OxyPower Deep Cleaning Solution | A highly effective wood floor cleaner that bubbles up in contact with the dirt and it helps exfoliate layers of dirt hassle free. The new Bona OxyPower Deep Cleaning Solution is safe, effective and very affordable. To be used in conjunction with Bona OxyPower Deep Cleaning Pad. Just pre-spray the whole floor, allow direct contact for 5 min and then scrub the floor. Spectacular results guaranteed. Safe to use on oiled floors, waxed floors, lacquered floors & wooden floors sealed with a refresher or a water based floor polish.
  2. Bona Cleaner | A proper heavy duty wood floor cleaner highly popular with the professional floor cleaning industry. The product is usually used for deep cleaning and restoring oiled and varnished floors after renovation work. All the dust from the construction site will penetrate deep inside the fiber of the wood and it will alter the original look of the wood. The only product that can safely remove this kind of dirt is the amazing Bona Cleaner. This alkaline heavy duty floor cleaner can be used on oiled floors, varnished floors & polished floors. Some people use the amazing Bona Cleaner as their daily cleaner but we do not recommend that. There are gentler and better products for day to day wood floor cleaning.
  3. Bona Deep Cleaning Solution | A highly concentrated and highly effective wood floor cleaner compatible with all professional scrubber driers. The product generates low levels of foam and it provides amazing results on large commercial wooden floors. To be diluted 1 to 100 in warm water and to be used on all types of wood floors regardless of finish. The new Bona Deep Cleaning Solution is mostly used for commercial wood floor cleaning projects.

Bona Wood Care Products | Wood Floor Cleaners | Why So Many Cleaners?

Well, not all wooden floors are sealed with the same type of sealant and not all wooden floors experience the same level of traffic. A standard residential floor in a house with 3-5 people will get a totally different level of traffic than a gym floor or a restaurant floor. So the cleaning product and the cleaning system is usually different. To remove heavy duty impregnated dirt from oiled or varnished floors you will need much stronger wood floor cleaners than removing dirt from your average living room floor. Also, some wood floor cleaners are great stain removers, some are compatible with scrubber driers, some are concentrated. So each type of wood floor cleaning product was designed by Bona for a particular type of wood floor.

Bona Wood Care Products | Wood Floor Cleaners | Mixing Up Cleaners

An oiled floor requires regular refreshing and nourishing while a varnished floor does not need any refreshing for a few years. So if you are using an oiled floor cleaner to clean varnished floors, you will notice pretty fast. The “oily” refresher that is contained within the oiled floor cleaner has to penetrate the wood and refresh the floor, but on a varnished floor, it can`t. So it will deposit at the top of the floor and it will make the floor very slippery. So it is important to use the most appropriate wood floor cleaner for exactly the finish it was designed for.

Bona Wood Care Products | Wood Floor Cleaners | Why Is Bona So Good?

There are many brands of wood floor cleaning products in the EU. Some are amazing, some are ok and some are very poor quality. Bona seems to be one of the most popular ones for a number of reasons. 

Easy To Use Products | Using any of Bona wood care products is a pleasure. You do not need fancy tools, you do not need to be a professional and you do not need to spend a fortune. Just spray and wipe the surface and your floor is spotless. We think that this is the most important reason why so many people all over the planet continue to use Bona on a regular basis for so many years.

Eco Products | All Bona cleaners are Greenguard certified. That means that the product is manufactured responsibly, from renewable materials and even the spray bottles are manufactured from recyclable and recycled materials. Many people love that.

Highly Effective Products | Bona manufactures some of the most efficient wood floor cleaners. Badly affected wooden floors can be restored to a new condition with Bona products. The refreshers are amazing, the wood floor cleaners work fast and the floor lacquers from Bona are just incredible. Top quality products for affordable rates.

If you are planning a major wood floor refurbishment or if you are planning a deep cleaning project, check out the new and amazing range of wood care products from Bona. We can help you out with premium quality wood floor cleaners, water based sealers & refreshers, oiled floor cleaners and oiled floor refreshers, gap fillers, primers, wood stains, microfiber cleaning pads, spray mops, high traffic floor lacquers, hardwax oils, floor oils & other types of wood care products. If you have wooden floors, we have a product for you

Bona Wood Care Products | Wood Floor Cleaners

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