Bona Remove | Sealant Remover

Bona Remove | Sealant Remover

Bona Remove | Sealant Remover

You just can`t buy a permanent water based floor polish. Even the most durable water based wood floor polish will give up after a period of time. The main issue is that the wood floor polish does not wear off evenly and will look much worse in areas with higher traffic. To be able to restore the original look of the floor and get rid of the patchy looking finish, you will need to use a safe but efficient wood floor polish remover. Nothing works better and quicker than the new Bona Remove. Of course, there are a number of floor strippers and sealant removers from other brands but very few of them work on sensitive wood floors and laminates.

Bona Remove | Sealant Remover | Why Bona

The new Bona Remove is a highly concentrated floor stripper designed to safely remove up to three coats of water based floor sealers. It does not work on wooden floors finished with a solvent based finish. Bona Remove, unlike other types of floor strippers, removes all the old floor polishes and protectors without affecting the finish of the floor. The surface of the floor will be left untouched. Bona Remove will not affect water based floor varnishes and lacquers. So if you are planning to remove up to 3 coats of floor polish or floor protector from your wooden floors, to be safe, use the new Bona Remove. Other floor strippers might work as efficiently but could dull the original floor finish while removing the floor polish. 

Bona Remove | Where To Use

The new Bona Remove can be used on all “varnished “ and “lacquered” wood floors that were sealed with a water based floor polish or protector. The product is not compatible with oiled floors. The new Bona Remove can also be used to remove water based floor polishes from tiles, natural stone floors, plastic floors, concrete floors and other types of floors. Many floor cleaning companies also use Bona Remove to remove heavy duty impregnated dirt from grout lines and ceramic | porcelain tiles. A multi use heavy duty floor stripper and tile cleaner from Bona.

Bona Remove | Sealant Remover | How To Use

Even if the new Bona Remove is listed as the “softest” floor polish remover out there, do not be fooled by the word soft. It only means that it does the same job as the very heavy duty floor strippers but in a less aggressive way. The product is highly concentrated and requires dilution before use. In a bucket of 5L of water add about 500 ml of Bona Remove. Using a standard mop head, apply the product on your wooden floor making sure not to touch painted surfaces, sensitive surfaces or any surfaces that do not require stripping. Allow direct contact for up to 5 minutes and then proceed to start agitating the surface with a green scourer or some type of semi hard pad. You want to help the floor polish remover to exfoliate the floor polish without scratching the base surface. The product will be able to remove up to 3 coats of floor polish at once. Wooden floors that have several coats of floor polish will require a second floor stripping operation.

  1. Do not allow the floor stripper to dry on the floor
  2. Do not use a lot of water on the wooden floors
  3. Do not use steel scourers to scrub the floor
  4. Do not mix up Bona Remove with any other floor stripper
  5. Do not touch any other surface that doesn’t need stripping
  6. Wear hand protection and eye protection
  7. Extract the residue from the floor within a few minutes

If the floor stripping operation was done right, the wooden floor should end up in its original condition, patch free but dull. You can apply a few coats of floor polish later on and restore the lost sheen.

Bona Remove | Sealant Remover | Cost Effective

Due to its high dilution rate and its outstanding efficiency, the new Bona Remove is designed to reduce your workload, to provide fast results and to do it all at a very low cost. 1 L of the new Bona Remove can remove up to 50 sq meters of floor polish. Assuming that the floor was sealed with up to 3 coats of wood floor polish. Also, because the product can be used for deep cleaning tiles and grout, it can be called “multi use”. So if you are on the market for a professional quality wood floor sealant remover, check out the new Bona Remove.

Bona Remove | Commercial & Domestic

This product is suitable for commercial and residential use as well. You do not need any special training to be able to use the new Bona Remove, but a bit of common sense is required. Whatever way you put it, this is a highly active product so you need to act like you are dealing with a hazardous product i.e. wear protective gloves and follow the manufacturers recommended safety guidelines. It can be used with a standard mopping system or it can be added to a scrubber drier solution tank and used to remove sealers mechanically. 

Bona Remove | Bona Quality

Most people are fully aware of the quality of Bona products. Because of the quality, efficiency, cost effectiveness and of course, affordability, Bona has become one of the most popular wood care brands in the world.  

Bona Remove

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