Bona Oiled Wood Floor Spray Mop Review

Bona Oiled Wood Floor Spray Mop Review

Bona Oiled Wood Floor Spray Mop Review

Do you have an oiled wood floor? Home and business owners go this route for multiple reasons. First, there’s that natural look that emphasises the character and charm of the wood itself – bringing a warm feel to the space. The oil penetrates deep into the wood, which is also beneficial in increasing the dimensional stability of the wood – basically making it react less to the less cyclical increases and decreases of temperature and humidity in the building. When properly cared for the wood floor will last as long as the building itself, with minimal sanding and finishing sessions in between. In fact, in most cases a simple retouch with an oil refresher product will maintain the lustre of the finish. Even when damaged, there will be low costs of repair, since, instead of a full room sanding and rework, the repair can be contained to the damaged section. The end result is an elegant floor that is easy to maintain. When it comes to the cleaning, you want to use mopping systems that are reliable and durable – and you can get that from the Bona Oiled Wood Floor Spray Mop. Here we will look into what you can expect from this product, and how to protect your floor to continue enjoying it for longer. 

Benefits Of The Bona Oiled Wood Floor Spray Mop 

  1. Safe for oiled floors

Unlike the typical lacquered or varnished floors, oiled wood floors are more delicate when it comes to their maintenance. Without the additional protective finishes, there is a smaller range of liquids that can be safely applied onto the floor without posing a risk. The pH of the solutions used is a core factor. You don’t want to be in a situation where the product corrodes the wood tissue or dulls the installation. Definitely one should also steer cleaner from DIY formulations like vinegar or ammonia-based solutions that are used when working on other hard surfaces. With the Bona Oiled Wood Floor Spray Mop, these will not be points of concern. 

The mop works with the Bona Cleaner For Oiled Floors, which has been purposely designated for the task. It is tough on the dirt and grime, but gentle on the underlying wood. This enables the grime to be broken down with ease, without altering the beauty of the installation. Moreover, the Microfibre Cleaning Pad that is attached to the Bona Oiled Wood Floor Spray Mop will get the mopping done without scratching the surface. 

The greater control that the Bona Oiled Wood Floor Spray Mop gives you over the amount of product used on the surface also comes into focus. With a pull of the trigger, you dispense a little liquid onto the floor, which will be enough to get the surface clean without causing saturation. These factors come together to make working with the Bona Oiled Wood Floor Spray Mop a safe approach for your installation. 

  1. All-in-one mopping system

Dealing with the traditional mop and bucket system can be tiresome. Lugging around that heavy pail of water as you move from one room to the next, bending to wring out the mop, dashing to and from the bucket to dip the mop into the cleaning solution whenever it gets soiled – it lengthens the amount of time taken for the cleaning task. What’s more, preparing the solutions for the process can be problematic, especially when you’re dealing with sensitive surfaces like oiled floors. Sure, the wood itself is highly durable but whipping up a DIY formulation with the incorrect pH can easily damage the wood tissue, and dull the appearance of the wood. With the Bona Oiled Wood Floor Spray Mop, you won’t have to worry about this. It packs it all into one system that enables you to tackle the mopping task in a fraction of the time that you would have taken dealing with the traditional approach. 

For starters, the cartridge of the Bona Oiled Wood Floor Spray Mop holds the cleaner needed for the process. As such, all you do is pull the trigger to mist out the liquid onto the floor. No need to dip the mop into a cleaning solution here. After misting the cleaner over the floor, follow through with the mop head, passing it over the surface immediately. The microfibre cleaning pad lifts the soiling, holding it within the material. In addition, the Bona Oiled Wood Floor Spray Mop is particularly effective when used with the same brand’s Cleaner For Oiled Floors that comes ready to use, so you won’t spend time dealing with dilution ratios.

  1. Large mop-head

Here, you cover more area with each pass. The mop head makes this one of the popular products used by homeowners and cleaning contractors with a packed schedule, where the speed of cleaning is a top priority. You can bring this efficiency to your cleaning tasks by incorporating the Bona Oiled Wood Floor Spray Mop into your cleaning arsenal. 

  1. Easy to use

Spray and mop. It’s that straightforward. No special skills are needed to work with the model. Using the Bona Oiled Wood Floor Spray Mop is so easy that you can get the kids involved in it as well – which is particularly handy when you want to teach the little ones some responsibility around the house. Just ensure that they don’t get overexcited by the trigger-spray mechanism that they end up overusing it and wasting the cleaning agent. 

  1. Refillable cartridge

Firstly, the new Bona Oiled Wood Floor Spray Mop kit comes with a pre-filled cartridge, ready to hit the ground running. The specialised cleaner in the cartridge has been formulated for cleaning oiled wood floors, revealing their natural character and beauty while breaking down the gunk that is on the surface, for it to be lifted off by the microfibre pads. 

Once the cleaner gets depleted, you don’t have to get a whole new cartridge. Simply refill it with the same cleaning formula from the brand. The Bona Cleaner For Oiled Floors is available in economy size refills. This makes the Bona Oiled Wood Floor Spray Mop a budget friendly addition to your cleaning kit. 

  1. Fast drying

Coupled with the quick mopping action that you get from the all-in-one Bona Oiled Wood Floor Spray Mop, the cleaning chores are completed much faster. This is beneficial for both homeowners carrying out the chores in busy households, to professional cleaning contractors, who have a diary loaded with waiting clients in residential and commercial establishments. 

  1. Durable pad

You want to work with tools that will last for long, and that’s what you get with the one Bona Oiled Wood Floor Spray Mop. The mop itself is built to last, giving you optimal usage throughout its life. The Microfibre Cleaning Pads that are used with the unit are also reusable, capable of lasting through up to 500 washing cycles. This is particularly important in reducing the expenditure that goes into the cleaning supplies. 

  1. Budget friendly

The Bona Oiled Wood Floor Spray Mop is also easy on your wallet. its functionality and attributes go a long way in reducing the amount of expenses that you include in your floor maintenance budget. For starters, it comes at an affordable price, where you get to benefit from the economies of scale witnessed with the operations of Bona, a global brand that has invested heavily in its manufacturing facilities. Here, the final price of the product on the shelf thus gets to be reduced – enabling you to acquire a high quality product without straining your budget. Next, with this spray and mopping approach, only the required amount of water or cleaning agent is misted out onto the floor, which is handy in reducing resource consumption. You get to avoid cases of overwetting the floor, or wasting the Bona Cleaner for Oiled Floors. Intervals between cartridge refills are reduced, as each round of product covers a wide floor area. 

Working with the Microfibre Cleaning Pad attached to the Bona Oiled Wood Floor Spray Mop also aids in reducing the costs incurred. The mechanical cleaning action – with the dirt particles being lifted off the floor surface by the static charge generated as the pad passes over the floor – means that less cleaning solution is needed for the task. This reduces the resource utilisation during those wet cleaning sessions. Moreover, with each cleaning pad used with the Bona Oiled Wood Floor Spray Mop getting to last for 500 washes, they provide you with extended service that’s far much longer than using the conventional string mops. The rest of the component parts of the Bona Oiled Wood Floor Spray Mop – from the cartridge to the handle – are also highly durable, so you don’t have to worry about frequent replacements. 

Get that hygienic clean

There is more than dust and allergens on the floor. What about those microbes crawling around? These are particularly a threat to kids and pets, who spend plenty of time playing on the floor. When it comes to enhancing the health standards of the premises, one of the key attributes of the Bona Oiled Wood Floor Spray Mop system stands out: the bacterial removal by the patented microfibre cleaning pad. In fact, it is so effective that it can remove 99% of the bacteria that is on the surface being worked on. As such, you wind up with a healthier environment for your family, and protect the working space for those tasked with cleaning business premises.

Go green with your floor care

The Bona Cleaner For Oiled Floors that is used with the mop is an eco-friendly product. For starters, this planet-based formulation is fully biodegradable. As such, while using it with the Bona Oiled Wood Floor Spray Mop you won’t have to worry about increasing your carbon footprint in the process. The waste from the mopping task can be safely disposed of without impacting the surrounding biodiversity. 

Certified for safety 

Floor mopping is not just about sloshing solutions on the surface and passing the mop over it. One needs to be very particular about the impact of the products being used. For instance, a key concern when dealing with any cleaning agent in the market is the amount of volatile organic compounds (VOCs) released. These chemicals that permeate across the indoor air space put the persons in the premises at risk. In fact, going by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), the level of VOCs in indoor environments is so high that it clocks up to 1,000 times more than the outdoors. Granted, these VCOs are not just due to the cleaning products. There are also those that are attributed to furnishing and building materials. There could be hundreds of individual VOCs floating about in the indoor air space at a time. For some, the levels are low such that there is barely any noticeable smell. Most of the VOCs are irritants, causing issues like headaches, nasal, eye or throat irritation, and even cases of dizziness. For some, long term exposure can lead to one getting chronic diseases or the chemicals contributing to cancer development. When VOCs are at high concentrations, they will be toxic with the effect being felt much sooner. As such products are taken through different tests to ascertain their level of emissions. 

The Bona Cleaner For Oiled Floors is GREENGUARD Gold certified. This is a strict standard that uses health-based criteria when assessing the chemical makeup of a formulation, where VOC emissions are required to be so low that the product in question can be safely used in environments like schools and health care facilities. This is the kind of safety you get when you use the cleaner as part of the ‘Bona Oiled Wood Floor Spray Mop system. You get to maintain the quality of the indoor air space, protecting yourself as you carry out the cleaning, as well as the rest of the persons on the premises.

Why Bona?

With the numerous products available on the market, what makes Bona rise above them? Let’s start right at the beginning. 

Bona traces its roots to Malmö, Sweden where – over a century ago – its founder Wilhelm Edner ran a small grocery shop. He was also selling bonvax, and when this agent was applied to wood floors, it set a polished effect that also protected the underlying surface. Edner saw the potential that this had, and when ahead to incorporate Bona AB, which has grown steadily for over 100 years and become an industry heavyweight. 

All through Bona’s history, you see a passion for sustainable business practices, with products that emphasise caring for the planet’s resources. Lots of innovative formulations and tools have been developed to increase the efficiency of the floorcare process, from installation to renovation and the routine cleaning, while still ensuring the safety of the environment. 

Bona has a long track record going for it. For instance, during the 1970’s it was one of the first to do away with toxic chemicals that are used in hardwood floor finishes, going instead for the newer water-based finishes that were both durable and reliable. What’s more, the company was one of the pioneers in the floor industry pushing for the adoption of dust containment systems for the sanding process. This is because of the need to ensure that the dust generated during floor sanding to be properly disposed of, instead of being allowed to get released into the indoor air space. After all, this dust is a cocktail of pollutants and carcinogens, making it a prime contributor to the deterioration of the indoor air space. Bona is also the first company in the floor care industry to have a full line of waterborne wood floor care products that have been certified for indoor air quality. 

What of its reach? The company’s products are used in over 90 countries around the world. These solutions and systems emphasize on the safety of the individual consumers, professionals, manufacturers and distributors. The performance of the products is a core reason why customers are loyal to the brand, enabling it to achieve market dominance. Heavy investments go into R&D, for the development, improvement and creation of new innovations. This is not just limited to wood floors. The brand also provides floor care products for stone, ceramic tiles, parquet and even laminate installations. These formulations look into the protection of the floor, as well as user preference especially with the final aesthetics that are optimised for the treatment process. 

So when you turn to the Bona Oiled Wood Floor Spray Mop for your floor care needs, you are backing on the reliability of a company that has been in operation for 100+ years, with a global network and loyal customer base. This gives you more assurance that it will deliver on its mandate. Simply check out the reviews customers have left behind on the various product listing pages and social handles of the company, to get an idea of the positive impact that the company has had.

Getting Rid Of Grime With The Bona Microfibre Cleaning Pad

The pads that are used with the Bona Oiled Wood Floor Spray Mop are integral to the functionality of the unit. Their structure increases the efficiency of the process. Let’s take a look at what they bring on board. 

  • The material itself

There’s a reason why microfibre has become one of the most sought-after materials in the cleaning industry. Its very nature makes it a powerful cleaning tool, used for everything from cloths and towels to mops. It’s constructed from tiny polyester and polyamide fibres that have been intricately woven together, creating a net-like surface, where the microfibre is able to trap moisture, dirt and grime that is on the surface being worked on. The millions of tiny spaces within the material create loads of capacity to soak up the grime – with microfibre being able to take in multiple times its weight in water – some units even as much as 7 times! This high absorbency enables the material to pick up plenty of soiling with each pass. 

Compared to the traditional material like cotton, with microfibre the dirt wouldn’t be redistributed over the surface. This is because, in addition to the high absorbency, the material itself generates loads of static charge, that firmly locks the dirt particles within the fibres. They are held here until the moment the microfibre unit will be laundered. This adds to the efficiency of the cleaning, since you can cover more area with each pad without having to keep dashing back to wring it out. Add this to the functionality seen with tools like the Bona Oiled Wood Floor Spray Mop where the mechanism does away with the need for a bucket altogether, and you will get more done in less time. 

  • The construction of the pad 

For the Bona Microfibre Cleaning Pads that are used here, they feature a unique dual-zone cleaning action. With this setup, there are dark blue outer fibres on the unit whose task is to break up the dirt and grime, while its light blue inner fibres will absorb the dirt, absorbing it into the structure. The pad is safe for use on the oiled floor, as it won’t scratch the surface being worked on.

Using The Bona Oiled Wood Floor Spray Mop

Start by vacuuming the floor. The goal here is to remove the dust and loose debris that is on the surface. It prevents the mop from getting soiled too quickly. 

Assemble the Bona Oiled Wood Floor Spray Mop, and ensure that there is sufficient cleaner in the cartridge. This will depend on the size of the area that you are to work on. 

Mop the floor. Start with the farthest corner of the room and move towards the door. 

Extra tip: Mop using the “S” pattern, one of the fastest ways of mopping that also allows you to focus on one specific area at a time.

Maintaining your Bona Oiled Wood Floor Spray Mop

For you to get extended service from the spray mop, proper maintenance is needed. Fortunately, this is easy.

Firstly, ensure that you wash the microfibre pads used immediately after you’re done with the mopping. Toss it into the washer – or do it by hand. This is to release the soiling that has been locked within the material. 

Ensure that the cleaning pads and mop itself have dried before storage. 

Get The Spray Mop That Suits Your Needs

There are plenty of options out there. How do you pick the mop that will give you the cleaning results you desire, reduce your workload and be safe to use on your floor? Here is a guide of the factors that you should consider:

  • Flooring requirements

Here the focus is the type of floor that you’re planning to use the spray mop on. Many of the spray mops are actually capable of working on multiple floors but you should ensure that the specific model that you’re going for will be suitable for the particular floor in your situation. 

  • Capacity of the cartridge

How much liquid can be held in the spray mop? This will determine how far you can manoeuvre it in the different rooms before having to stop and refill it. Sure, the functionality of spray mops is designed around the efficient utilisation of the cleaning liquid or water – but this does not mean there is an endless supply of it. You don’t want to keep running out of solution in the middle of the mopping process. As such, one should go with a model whose cartridge will hold sufficient product that will lessen the disruption. 

  • Size of the area as you’re working on

How many rooms require to be cleaned? Is the spray mop for the occasional home use, or do you run a cleaning company where the speed of cleaning is a make-or-break factor in your operations? For cases when you’re working on multiple rooms, using a model with a large mop head like the Bona Oiled Wood Floor Spray Mop will enable you to get more area covered within a shorter time. Smaller mops on the other hand are particularly ideal for dealing with the tight and awkward spaces that may be encountered during the cleaning process. For the occasional mopping, the size of the mop head may not be that big of a concern – and this will come down to your preference.

  • Environmental impact

This is especially in regards to the effect that the mopping system will have on the interior space – as it will directly affect the family members at home, or the customers and staff in the workplace. Here, the main issue is with the cleaning solutions that are used with the spray mop system. 

Cleaning agents are prime contributors of VOC content into the indoor air space, and you don’t want to use a product that will choke up the room with toxic fumes. Its compatibility with the oiled floor is also a priority, since there are harsh cleaners that will react with the oil and produce fumes in the process as well. 

What of the impact of the product upon disposal? When the microfibre cleaning pad is washed and the content disposed of, will the chemicals negatively affect the surrounding biodiversity? Here, formulations like the plant-based Bona Cleaner for Oiled Floors that is used with the Bona Oiled Wood Floor Spray Mop come in handy.

Maintenance Tips For Your Oiled Wood Floor

  • Routine cleaning is vital. This involves dusting the floor to minimise the rate at which particles build up on it, as well as through mopping to get rid of the grime before it scratches the surface, stains it, dulls the floor or wears down the wood tissue. 
  • When mopping, minimal water should be used. This is due to the hygroscopic nature of the wood, which causes the tissue to absorb moisture from its surrounding as the moisture gradient steepens. So don’t go sloshing water all over the floor. Here, working with models like the Bona Oiled Wood Floor Spray Mop where one simply mists a little liquid onto the surface will help you regulate the amount of moisture the moisture floor is exposed to. 

While on this point, any spills should be cleaned up as soon as possible. These come with the risks of staining and water damage, which will ruin the floor. When dealing with the stains on your installation, ensure that you use cleaning products that are safe for the wood floor. 

  • Avoid working with “All-purpose” cleaners for your oiled floor. This is because they end up cleaning a dull residue on the surface, and also causes you to use more water during the mopping process – both of which are outcomes that are detrimental to your installation. Stick to products that are specially formulated for the task, such as the Bona Cleaner For Oiled Floors that is used with the Bona Oiled Wood Floor Spray Mop
  • When it comes to the maintenance, products like the Bona Refresher for Oiled floors will enable you to keep the installation looking great. What’s more, this particular formulation adds a layer of protection to the floor, which is especially vital in areas where the oiled floor is at risk of water spills. Ensure that you have cleaned the floor before applying the refresher. 
  • Given that one of the main threats to your wood floor will be the sunlight bathing the rooms, it is recommended that you rearrange the furniture regularly in the household to enable the wood floor age evenly. On those particularly hot days, closing some of the curtains and blinds will reduce the effect that it will have on the floor. 
  • Do you have pets? Dogs and cats specifically are notorious for causing scratches on the wood floors as they run around the premises with their claws all drawn out. They are members of the family and we love them, but too many scratches will ruin the floor. The effect of this can be reduced by regularly trimming the claws of your furry friends. 
  • Mats set up strategically in the household will reduce the amount of dirt and grime getting to the rest of the interior space – such as entrance mats that capture the soiling from under people’s shoes before it is tracked into the house. This will be handy in reducing your workload when it comes to the routine cleaning. 

Bona Oiled Wood Floor Spray Mop Review

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