Bona| Bona Wood Floor Cleaner

Bona| Bona Wood Floor Cleaner

Bona Wood Floor Cleaner

The wood floor cleaning routine has changed dramatically with the invention of water based floor lacquers. Wood floors that were sealed with oiled based floor finishes could be washed with pretty much any type of cleaning product but the new water based floor lacquers and sealers are more sensitive to harsh chemicals so need more care and specific products to clean and maintain. One of the world’s most popular wood floor cleaners is Bona Wood Floor Cleaner.

Bona Wood Floor Cleaner – Neutral PH

Bona Wood Floor Cleaner is a neutral PH wood floor cleaner and maintainer. The product can be used on all varnished or lacquered wood floors, wood furniture, frames, doors, etc. It will effectively remove dirt residue without affecting the wood finish in any negative way. Even better, using Bona Wood Floor Cleaner for daily cleaning and maintenance of your wooden floors increases the durability of the finish and enhances the look of the surface.

Bona Wood Floor Cleaner – Streak Free Cleaning

The main feature that makes Bona Wood Floor Cleaner one of the world’s best selling wood floor cleaners is its “streak free” technology. This amazing product is manufactured from a blend of eco cleaning agents that evaporates within a few minutes to leave the floor finish radiating and spotless. Bona Wood Floor Cleaner contains no water so there is no way to damage the surface. After only 1 quick clean, your floors or furniture will look healthier, cleaner & more alive.

Bona Wood Floor Cleaner – Residue Free

There are many wood floor cleaners on the market from a number of brands. Some clean well but streak the floor, others do not work at all & some leave a sticky residue on your floor. Bona Wood Floor Cleaner does not streak the floor, it evaporates fully without leaving any residue behind and it will also restore the shine on your floor in the process. The product is ready to use and does not require dilution.

Bona Wood Floor Cleaner – Coverage

The best way to use Bona Wood Floor Cleaner is with a spray mop or with a spray and wipe system. A standard 3 bed house with wooden floors on the lower part of the house can be maintained and cleaned with 1L of Bona Wood Floor Cleaner for about 1 month. You do not need to wash your floors more than once a day or every second day. For day to day wood floor dusting you can use Bona Dusting Pad in conjunction with one of Bona`s flat mopping systems.

Bona Wood Floor Cleaner – GreenGuard Certified

Besides being an amazing wood floor cleaner and wood floor maintainer, Bona Wood Floor Cleaner is also 100% eco friendly.  Bona Wood Floor Cleaner is water based, manufactured only with pet friendly & child friendly cleaning agents. Safe to use in domestic homes, offices, healthcare facilities, restaurants, etc. The product is Greenguard certified so you can be assured that it is safe for your home and kind to the environment.

Bona Wood Floor Cleaner – Perfume Free

Bona Wood Floor Cleaner contains no added perfume, deodorisers or any strong odourising agents. It can be used safely in areas where food is being prepared or around asthmatics & people with lung issues. Bona Wood Floor Cleaner will help remove dust, grime, hair, skin flakes and other types of residue from floors.

Bona Wood Floor Cleaner – Commercial & Domestic

Bona Wood Floor Cleaner is a gentle wood floor cleaner and maintainer. Very dirty wood floors will require a deep cleaning with a stronger wood floor cleaner (Bona Cleaner) and then maintenance with Bona Wood Floor Cleaner. Basically, you do not deep clean the floors with a maintainer, you only maintain the surface and enhance the sheen. This product is highly recommended for all domestic wooden floors (except oiled floors), commercial floors & office floors. The best way to maintain newly varnished floors is with Bona Wood Floor Cleaner.

Bona Wood Floor Cleaner – Safety

Bona Wood Floor Cleaner is one of the safest and risk free products available but if you are using it daily, you should avoid regular direct contact with your skin. Also, avoid touching your face while cleaning and do not spray it on food. Follow the manufacturers instructions and safety guidelines for best results.

Bona Wood Floor Cleaner – Try It Today

Using the wrong product to clean or maintain your wood floors can prove to be very costly in the long term. Wooden floors that are washed regularly with harsh chemicals or too much water, can become permanently damaged or require refinishing more often. This is a proper wood floor cleaner that is affordable, easy to use and it will transform your dull and patchy wood floors. Bona is a well established brand with over 100 years of experience. Bona understands wood floors, Bona knows what is the best way of cleaning wood floors & what to use on wooden floors. Trust the world favorite wood floor cleaner.

Bona Wood Floor Cleaner

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